what can i do for 40gb allowance?

  liquidstool 09:03 26 Nov 2007


i'm having major problems with my isp AOL, i've been on supposedly 2mb for over a year but in actual fact after testing my speed for the last 6 months i've never even achieved 512kbps, the long and short of it is that i'm currently contacting OFCOM as aol haven't even given me the details of who i can make an official complaint to, let alone addressed the download speed - everytime i contact them about it there is always some excuse, the latest being "it is a technical procedure but the engineer didn't have the correct tool, it is a technical procedure because of the technicalities involved"! - what a crock of horse*[email protected]:!!

Anyway, i'm thinking of going with SKY, but because of where i live, i can only get CONNECT with a 40gb allowance. What can i do with 40gb?

i play a lot games, maybe 15 hours aweek, but i spend a lot more on xbox live, maybe 30 hours a week. is the sky router compatible with xbox live, and does the 40gb allowance include the time i spend on xbox live? i've got one of those netgear blue flashing led router thingys at the moment and i've never had a drop out since i've been using it, is the sky router any goood?

your thoughts please gentlemen.

  Crash 09:22 26 Nov 2007

Before you make a decision have a look at sites such as click here, the forums at click here and click here as these sites contain a lot opinions of people using different isps which could help you with your decision. Think broadband have a dedicated forum for sky as well.

  Crash 09:31 26 Nov 2007

Also check if there is any LLU services here click here

  liquidstool 11:19 26 Nov 2007

what's LLU services?

  Dipso 14:42 26 Nov 2007

LLU = Local Loop Unbundling. Some ISP's have there own equipment in the BT exchanges, e.g. Be, UKOnline, o2, Talk Talk.

Take Crash's advice and check out other ISP's before going with Sky's Connect package as there may be other more reliable and competitive packages available.

More for you to read click here At the time of posting this it appears someone is very unhappy with their Orange service ;)

  liquidstool 15:02 26 Nov 2007

so is it better to have an isp that LLU? if so why - what do i get out of it?

  Crash 16:36 26 Nov 2007

Yes usually it is better to be on a LLU line than the ordinary BT packages as they are less expensive to the isp and in turn they pass on the savings with less throttling and bigger download allowances. The unoffical sky broadband website is click here and not the last link I gave earlier.

  Dipso 20:29 26 Nov 2007

Depends which one you choose of those available at your exchange.

For example, Be offer speeds up to 24 Meg from £14, UKOnline offer up to 16 Meg.

One other advantage is that you aren't subject to the BT BRAS profiling system like you would be on Sky Connect or any other ADSL Max up to 8 Meg product and you should in theory get speeds very near to the connection speed.

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