What to buy for a 12 year old for school work?

  gizmo66 09:57 06 Mar 2010

Hi I owuld appreciate any advice on what my daughter needs for a laptop for school use in Year 7 and onwards. We have a desktop at moment but no Office software on it and it is getting very slow, its about 4 years old. I use my works laptop at home , we have broadband and wireless. Any help would be appreciated. thx

  Kevscar1 11:15 06 Mar 2010

Before you think about buying anything else get CCcleaner and run it on the desktop. Uninstall any programs that are old and no longer used. Then run CCcleaner again. You may find this will speed up things considerably
Find Open Office which is free and will allow you to do anything that Microsoft Office does.

  wee eddie 11:56 06 Mar 2010

They will probably know what is most suitable better than us. Also they may be able to give her the .ac e-mail address that allows her to get a copy of M$ Office for £40.00 which, of course, you can use.

  gizmo66 12:02 06 Mar 2010

Thanks great advice, we did trial something along time ago, whihc did help with the speed of our desktop. I'll track it down and try it and also talk to the school to see what they would recommend but if we can get software for her and run it on the desk top that would be great. Thanks to both of you who responded.

  chub_tor 12:51 06 Mar 2010

If you do decide to go the laptop route the one piece of advice that I would offer is to make sure that it is insured for accidental damage. In all probability it will get bashed around by books in the carrying bag, knocked as it is carried along corridors and heaven forbid it will get dropped. Replacement screens are expensive. Check out your home insurance policy and its deductible or take out a separate policy for it that covers accidental damage. Shop around for it and don't just go along with the one offered by the place you buy it from.

  amonra 15:54 06 Mar 2010

A friend bought a laptop for daughter as a xmas present. Lasted two weeks until she dropped it ! New HD and all the hassle that goes with it, so make sure you have a good accident policy before you start, it is a MUST !

  961 17:03 06 Mar 2010

click here

click here

If she needs a laptop, this will do fine

If a desktop will do buy a new cheap job rather than try to upgrade existing

Whichever route you go don't buy anything without Windows 7 installed. You'll be wasting money

If she is at school or college software for students will provide genuine Microsoft software for a fraction of the normal cost which she can keep even after she is out of school/college

  gizmo66 20:34 06 Mar 2010

Thanks all, think you have all saved me alot of money. Have taken actions as suggested and we now have openoffice on the desktop, whihc will avoid expensive damage to a potential new laptop. Thanks to All:-)

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