What Budget Graphic Card to Buy?

  Nedrah 15:05 25 Nov 2014

Hi guys! I wanted to upgrade my desktop for me to be able to play NBA 2k15 at decent settings. I have an a AMD Athlon X3 processor and 4GB of RAM. Now I wanted to buy a new graphic card that is right at my budget but would still deliver quality performance. I could spend $75 at most. DO you think I could find one? If yes, what are my options? Thanks guys!

  wee eddie 18:34 25 Nov 2014

Do you know what Power Supply you have, if the PC is made to a budget it may not be powerful enough.

  Menzie 19:48 25 Nov 2014

NBA 2K15 needs a lot of power to run well with higher settings as it is running a next gen engine. On my FX8320 and GTX660 it dips into the 30s when a lot is happening (still not maxed AA wise) and peaks at 60 when less is going on.

An Atlhon X3 with a £75 video card won't bring you great settings I'm afraid to say. You're looking at closer to the minimum requirements end.

What power supply do you have in your system? A decent card can be recommended if you're happy not maxing all the settings.

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