What is the best wearable fitness devices? I want to buy one

  IzmirevdenEvenakliyat 10:59 30 Oct 2014

I want to buy a fitness device for myself. While searching on the net, I have read an article about top 10 wearable fitness device. But I can't decide which one is the really good.

1-Nike+ Fuelband SE

2 Basis PEAK

3 Samsung Gear Fit

4 Jawbone Up – Jawbone Up24

5 Polar Rcx3 GPS

6 LG Lifeband Touch

7 FitBit Flex

8 Withings Pulse Ox

9 Misfit Shine

10 Garmin Vivofit

Source: click here favorite is "Jawbone Up" but still deciding which one is the best? Have you ever used one of them?


  wee eddie 15:25 30 Oct 2014

I think that it would make a certain amount of sense to tell us a little about your Fitness regime.

In part, that will reduce the number of choices.

  IzmirevdenEvenakliyat 20:55 30 Oct 2014

I am just normal user. I run 1 hour everday....

  wee eddie 21:02 30 Oct 2014

There is no such thing as normal.

List what you want it to do and what you are not interested in.

That is likely to cut it down to a couple of choices. Then pick the one you think looks coolest

  IzmirevdenEvenakliyat 21:18 30 Oct 2014

I am not a user like a runner or a cyclist. So I need simple and the cheapest one. So Jawbone or misfit can be ok for me.


  GloriaWhite 06:00 31 Oct 2014

I don't think it's necessary to buy the gear~ I have downloaded some app to my mobile phone, for recording my jogging data. Yet seldom I'd like to use.

  wee eddie 11:44 31 Oct 2014

I think that I should warn you.

Just because their called Fitness Devices does not mean that they make you any fitter. You still have to do the business ~ Walk the walk, or whatever.

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