What is the best Scanner Software?

  Dannyb 21:11 10 Jan 2003
  Dannyb 21:11 10 Jan 2003

Can anybody recommend a very good, easy to use, capable software programme for my scanner. I saw scantastic in use whilst in Africa, which was brilliant, but find back here it is only for use on Macs, which I don't have. I have Windows 2000 Pro. installed, if that helps.

  DieSse 22:10 10 Jan 2003

What do you want to do with it - scanners normally come with their own basic "mechinicsof scanning" programme - essentially a driver - which you will need to use.

After that there's page/filing software - picture manipulation software - copier emulation - OCR software - and probably more I've forgotten.

So which is it to be - or all of them?

  Stuartli 23:09 10 Jan 2003

I use several but find that ScanWise, which came with my Agfa 1212u scanner, is simplicity itself to use.

You can download the latest 2.0 version from the Agfa website free of charge.

  Dannyb 11:03 11 Jan 2003

Probably all of it DieSse, at some time. Would scanwise be likely to work with an Epson scanner?

  AndySD 11:32 11 Jan 2003

Do you mean OCR software click here or my favorite click here

  [email protected] 11:54 11 Jan 2003

you do not say which scanner. click here use paperport max. which you export to my pictures in jpeg format . click here do some very good OCR & scan magic programs British of course but as always you pay for the best which are some of the USA scansoft platinum etc
the list is endless but scanners usually work best with the software they were designed to play with

  Stuartli 13:00 11 Jan 2003

You can use various brands of scanner software, OCR etc with scanners, so there's no reason why ScanWise will not do so.

It's got a Guide Me mode for beginners that leads you through the routine until you (quickly) get use to it.

  astral traveller 22:22 11 Jan 2003

It came bundled with my scanner 5 years ago. Has been great for me. I have no idea where you will find it now, but if you can find it, it works fine with Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 - don't know about 2000.

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