what is the best possible spec i can get?

  Peter C 20:31 28 Jun 2005

i've got £350 to spend.

ive got monitor, printer, scanner, camera, mouse, external sound card, speakers.

i just need the best possible pc to go with it for £350.

i will be using it for mainly music production.

and where to go to get it?

thanks very much in advance! 8-)

  Diodorus Siculus 22:01 28 Jun 2005

Do you feel like building your own?

If not, try novatech's bundles: Novatech Online Range of Motherboard Bundles
click here

  Kate B 12:40 29 Jun 2005

This is a bit radical, but how about a slightly specced up Mac Mini? Up the ram and the hdd size from the basic and it might do you nicely.

  Joe R 15:12 29 Jun 2005

To add to Diodorus Siculus, suggestion, you can also buy ready assembled barebones systems, from the same supplier. click here

  Stuartli 16:16 29 Jun 2005

Or this at bigpockets (slightly over budget):

click here

  Megadrive 18:07 29 Jun 2005

I would do this:

AMD64 3200 939 £99

512MB PC3200 (Samsung/crucial) £55


120GB WD 7200RPM 8MB £45

Delux Diamond Case + 400w PSU £35

Samsung DVD/CDRW £22

Win XP SP2 £52

= £366inc VAT @ click here

try and buy one @ the same price cheaper.

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