What is the best PC I can get for £420 budget?

  ryanroks1 11:08 20 Oct 2012

Hi guys,

I am after buying my son a new desktop computer for Christmas. £420 is the maximum I can go really, and I'd prefer it about £400. He is always on his computer, and doesn't do much extreme gaming but he says he wants a good spec one, with about 8GB RAM and an i5 processor I believe. He already has the keyboard and monitor etc, so it's just the computer we need. Also, it needs to have built in windows 7 64-BIT. I have searched online and I'm really not good at finding them, and the PC can come from anyway. It would be great if you can find something to fit my budget :)

  Woolwell 15:23 20 Oct 2012

Onboard graphics with that machine. It depends on what games your son wants to play. Have a look at the recommended (not minimum) specs for the games. I think that you may struggle to get a good gaming machine within your budget.

  rdave13 15:34 20 Oct 2012

This is the nearest I could find. Bear in mind it has 'onboard' graphics and only 4GB ram. Both upgradable later on.

Chillblast. Worth a look.

  frybluff 19:01 20 Oct 2012

To be honest, it can't be done, using i5, 8GB RAM, and decent other components. Chillblast are as good as anyone, as reasonable builders, but they can only get close, with 4GB of RAM, and using PSU and case that are far from brilliant. If you were to build it yourself, it would just about be possible, using modest, but reasonable quality components. Even then, if you wanted to include a modest graphics card, to give some sort of gaming capability, you'd be around £500+ mark. Using an i3, instead of i5, building yourself, you are closer to it being a possibility, but for someone else to build it, it's either going to cost more, or they will have to use cheap components. Please beware of offers on sites, like eBay, claiming to give what you want, cheap. If they look too good to be true, they undoubtedly are!

  rdave13 19:55 20 Oct 2012

frybluff , I agree but at least it has a 500 Watt PSU. Upgrading to 8 gig ram not all that expensive (Crucial) and ,say, adding something like GeForce GTX 550Ti, about £80, at a later date will give a reasonable PC for the cost. ryanroks1 said that it is not for 'extreme gaming' that's why I suggested this particular base unit for the price.

  ryanroks1 20:33 20 Oct 2012

I have manged to find this one, but I'm not sure if it's good. Anyone have an opnion?


  rdave13 21:36 20 Oct 2012

This is their site and contact details, click here

This is a list of PCs on offer, click here

Can't find the same PC on their own site under 'red edition'.

No mention of the PSU wattage. If you feel that it's worth using Ebay then I suggest you email them asking about the PSU and how they propose to honour the superb warranty they offer if things go belly up.

Be careful.

  frybluff 23:02 20 Oct 2012

The point is, take that eBay system. It's got a decent processor. The rest of it is a piece of junk. What's probably a £10 chinese import case and PSU. A motherboard that's TWO generations old, and won't allow half the cababilities of the processor to be used. Some unspecified Kingston 1333MHz RAM. Sata TWO hard drive (all the mobo, presumably can use), no USB 3.0. Even though you can get a decent, name brand optical drive, for £15, even that's not specified. OP's best option is to forget i5, at the budget, and look for something decent with i3-3220. Then he stands a chance of getting some sort of quality, in or around budget. He might even be able to squeeze in a modest graphics card, like HD7770, or HD7750, which would give reasonable gaming capability, if not at Ultra settings.

  rdave13 23:20 20 Oct 2012

That's why I went for Chillblast's offer. CPU is better. Ram and GPU can be updated later. PSU is sufficient. Possibly ram won't need to be updated as 4 gig is reasonable for use I think. The cost of delivery should be added but I can't find it at Chillblast's site.

As they say, all that glitters is not gold.

  frybluff 12:48 21 Oct 2012

I totally agree that, if OP wants a decent quality PC that will have any reliability (or real warranty), he should buy from a firm, like Chillblast, than some "unknown", on eBay. The suggested build, from Chillblast, is the nearest OP is likely to get, to his wishlist, within budget. Even then, I would suggest it really wants better case, power supply, and RAM. I'm particularly concerned about PSU. It can't be complete junk, or a firm like Chillblast wouldn't use it. However, judging by what they are charging EXTRA for a known decent PSU, like the BeQuiet, the basic one must be REALLY cheap. Trouble is, of course, those upgrades would take cost near to £500, and still wouldn't have a separate graphics card. I know OP says son is not into "extreme" gaming, but, without some sort of GPU, it won't even do modest gaming. We don't know son's age, or how sensible/realistic he may be, but we all know the "average" teenager's first thought, on getting a new computer. "Will it play Battlefield 3?". OP's son may, of course, be different. The only way to get a decent performing, good quality PC, that will last, and be capable of modest gaming, around budget, would be to use i3, and self-build, or get parts, and get a competent friend, or someone, to build it, for modest cost.

  ryanroks1 13:29 21 Oct 2012

Thanks for all of your responses. I have decided to avoid using eBay. I have found one on zoostorm however, which his aunt recommended. I think I will most likely for this or the chillblast. Is this a high build quality?


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