what best paper/card to print business cards

  erkmatrix 13:20 06 Jun 2005

Hi would if someone could tell me what the best paper/card to use to print some business cards. I have a Epson R800 printer and am told only epson paper will work if the paper is over 90gsm. But the only paper I see from epson is photo paper.

I want them to look good but not photo perfect just a professional average business card look.


  DieSse 15:02 06 Jun 2005

Just a few (!) here - suggest you go intoa Staples if there's one nearby, and checkout what they've got.

Forget the "only Epson paper" rubbish.

Avery have a great (free!)download which adds in to MSWord and gives you a simple set of templates to match their papers. You desin your cards then paste it into the predefined slots - works like a dream.

Avery cards click here

Avery Word add-in click here

  wiz-king 15:05 06 Jun 2005

Did you try our suggestions click here and did they work?

  pj123 15:07 06 Jun 2005

I get my business cards from Choice Stationery
£4.99 inc VAT and Postage for 250 cards.

click here

  erkmatrix 16:14 06 Jun 2005

well I ended up getting some off ebay they were OKI and manufactured by Avery Dennison but the seller thought they worked with all coloured printers, only when I tried to print it came up with a error message saying paper out or incorrect output tray position, I tried on all settings, the epson guy told me its cause its a non epson paper, is there anything I can do with them.


  pj123 16:44 06 Jun 2005

Don't believe the Epson guy. I have two Epson printers A photo 895 and an Epson R200 both of which print business cards from anywhere I like to buy them from. The printer doesn't know what paper you have put in it. I use ordinary copy paper from a local stationery shop for letters etc. and Glossy Photo paper from Choice Stationery for printing photo's.

If you would like to send me a couple of sheets that you have I will print them on my printers to prove it to you.

email me via the envelope.

  erkmatrix 16:57 06 Jun 2005

Hey I believe you, I can't work it out how the printer knows but no matter what setting I have it on it just comes up with error message paper out or incorrect output tray position, it prints photos fine and a4 copier paper but with this card it doesn't want to know it.

  pj123 18:19 06 Jun 2005

What programme are you using to print these cards?

I use Avery Labels and they print first time, every time.

MS Word will also print to business cards, but you don't get very much formatting. You need to select Tools, Envelopes and Labels, Options. Label products should say Avery A4 and A5. Scroll down to Product number J8414, OK that. Type in your details and print. Select either 1 label or 1 page. Just done it myself in Word but wouldn't recommend it.

Avery Labels is by far the best for printing any sort of label or card.

  €dstowe 08:29 07 Jun 2005

Most card should be fed one sheet at a time into printers. Don't load up the paper tray with numerous sheets.

With some very thick card it sometimes helps to give it a push as it starts to feed into the printer.

  erkmatrix 09:32 07 Jun 2005

I used word to print them, the thing is with these cards is on the box it says Dry Peel business cards for OKI colour printers and only shows a label on the top saying Description C7000 Business Card and Part Number 09002985. Don't know if thats the model number, I don't see anything saying model number. Does say on bottom of the box along the edge with the date a number 10136864.

Edstowe yeah I did only have one sheet and did try to puch down so it would take it but just wouldn't.

  wee eddie 09:49 07 Jun 2005

It may be the thickness that is causing the problem.

Have you printed a test sheet of your design onto normal paper?

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