What is best eTRUST or Norton Antivirus?

  richardfromwales 08:00 08 Dec 2004

I would be grateful for opinions as to which antiviral software is best for a home PC with broad band connection to internet-The PC that I have bought has e TRUST preinstalled.I am more used to Norton antiVirus and was wondering whether I should buy Norton Antivirus instead.

  Etudiant_Ici 09:43 08 Dec 2004

I am getting very good mileage out of the recently released ZoneAlarm Security Suite.
I was on Norton AV just prior and I much prefer ZASS (easier, many more features, same price). I have heard of eTrust but don't know it at all to say how it compares. I've seen and fiddled with Mcafee suite and would pick ZASS over that.
Otherwise I would still be using Norton AV with which I was mostly happy. However if your version of eTrust is a full working copy why not keep using it until it expires? In the mean time you'll of had plenty opportunity to ask/look around.

  Zurdo 16:09 08 Dec 2004

I'm using e-trust and it seems fine, no bother about setup etc.It was also real cheap at about £30 (I think!) for 5 years updates.

  SURVEY 17:02 08 Dec 2004

I have had problems with Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security, with screen freezes etc. Symantec prefer you to use ther automated web help that does not always answer your specific query and quite often their direct responses are not that helpful. However I have used these products on several computers and not suffered any virus problems. I am currently using it on a Windows 98SE computer and also on a Windows XP 2nd edition computer without any problems whatsoever.

  Big Spring 22:04 08 Dec 2004

I've used NAV since 1998 and have always found it stable and very efficient at eradicating viruses but it's very much a resource hog. This bugbear, excuse the pun, and the introduction of product activation in NAV 2004 led me to look elsewhere. I don't know much about eTRUST, but check out Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005. I'm very happy with it, faster boot up and system scans. Compare all 3 click here

  dexstar 03:47 09 Dec 2004

Don't fu*k with Norton!
He's the man.
Software is hard to use and understand, updates are frequent but often require a double download (update then requires an update!)
There are many features in NAV but it will take time to learn and understand them (i'm still no where near!) It will cause some grief to some people but at the end of the day it depends on how much porn u download!

  westwit 11:59 10 Dec 2004

I boughtNotn System Works 2005 (which includes NAV) to put on my brand new MESH Matrix 64 3500+ and it was disaster. Completely messed up the system restore points and led to great instability. on advice of this forum I uninstalled it and did a factory re-set, since when the PC has been much better - although far from fully sorted. I have returned the CD to Symantec for a full refund (60 days money back guarantee is the best thing about it.)

  mbp 12:33 01 Jan 2005

I used eTrust (free) for one year. It was so easy to use having set my auto-update I just forgot about it. I was fully protected. I can fully recommend it for protection of viruses and hackers. No Virus infections experienced. I tried eTrust after several years of using Norton's NIS(When I was new at computing and inexperienced and nervous). I have now decided to switch to ZA Firewall Freeware, and Avast AV freeware after having had more experience with the computer, and reading so many people's positive experiences. Both easy to configure and use. I will now spend the money saved on AV/FW on other software that I want.

  TamiZ 14:59 03 Jan 2005

I have tried a variety of AV's and Firewalls whilst computing with WWW access. This had included McAfee and Norton (Symantec) - both caused absolute chaos. I have just finished my year's free trial with eTrust for firewall and AV programmes and am now paying. Whilst the firewall dosn't seem to like XP, the AV programme is excellent and touch w2ood, to date, I've not had any problems with worms, viruses, etc, etc. Thie auto download for updates is brill!!

  jerichobob 15:10 03 Jan 2005

I used AVG anti-virus free for a number of months and it was great. So I purchased the full programme for half the price of Norton or Macafee and for a full 2 years. It has an automatic update facility too which makes it much easier for me not to forget to do it. I use the Macafee firewall that comes free with AOL and they seem to get on very well. No viruses have got through them both yet anyway.

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