What is the best A3 flatbed scanner in the world?

  Bookman_AUS 02:34 11 Jul 2014

Hi all,

I am looking to buy the best A3 flatbed scanner possible.

Cost is not an issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Currently I have a Fujitsu fi-6770 and as it is almost 5 years old I am looking to replace it with the best possible A3 flatbed scanner.

It must have CCD (Charge coupled device) not CIS (Contact image sensor).

Many thanks to all those who help!

  rdave13 00:59 12 Jul 2014

Best google comes up with is xerox so far with 'CCD' included in the search field. Weather it is or not I have no idea. Best to contact Xerox with your needs.

  rdave13 01:04 12 Jul 2014

Wrong link sorry. Xerox scanners , you will still need to contact them about CCD.

  Bookman_AUS 01:00 14 Jul 2014

Hi rdave, thanks for the Google - I have done similar searches but am hoping to find someone who knows the scanners or has recently gone through my predicament.

Thanks anyway mate!

  Woolwell 18:02 14 Jul 2014

I don't think that you are going to get that advice here. Any opinion on the best scanner is bound to be subjective and at that range I suspect limited to the number of users who have experience. Most of us are SOHO. You really want a business type viewpoint.

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