What are my rights for a refund

  phoenix_one 18:30 04 Nov 2003

I recently sent back a stick of SD-RAM to ebuyer, the 512 stick was found faulty and a replacement has been placed ready for dispatch.

However I do not wish to have a replacement as the whole RAM batch appears to be faulty, in the comments for my return I stated that "I do not wish for a refund" However on the refund page i only had the option of setting the action required to direct replacement as the product was bought in jeanuary.

My message to ebuyer.
Very dissapointed.

This RAM batch is faulty as confirmed by the many negative reviews of the product. The RAM has developed a problem and been tested in many machines proving a fault. Carried out several memory tests using 3rd party software. All prove that the RAM is faulty. This RAM has caused my PC many times to fail to boot and im not happy at all.

I would like a full refund so I can purchase a different product HOWEVER the system does not allow me to ask for a refund, the product batch is obviously not up to the usual high standards of Ebuyer products, i do not want a replacement that will only fail, The refund will enable me to buy a different product and hopefully if i am satisfied with this return I will be purchasing the next product from ebuyer still.

Do i have any rights to refuse the replacement and ask for only a refund.

The batch appears faulty just look at the reviews,

click here

Let me also say that I bought this product before these reviews commented on the item.

If i do end up with this replacemnt and it proves faulty do i then end up with a right to ask for a refund.

Thankyou for your help, and sorry for the post so long but i hope it fully describes the situation


  Forum Editor 18:45 04 Nov 2003

because the product was not fit for its purpose.

Explain to ebuyer why you want the refund, and I'm sure they'll cooperate. Let us know what happens will you?

  phoenix_one 18:58 04 Nov 2003

For your response, I have sent an e-note asking for a refund instead of this replacement,

Quoting that under the Sale of goods act the goods are not "fit for purpose"

However I am a little scared this being the first time I have thrown the law back at a vendor.

I wonder what the auto-system will respond, it doesnt appear that my comment (see above) with the replacement, was ever read.

I shall let the forum know...the story continues

  recap 19:05 04 Nov 2003

Your rights while e-shopping click here

  phoenix_one 18:59 06 Nov 2003

Ebuyer sent me the replacement i had not asked for, it was despatched before i could again ask for a refund.

I have now tested this ram and it has flagged up faulty.

Again more memory errors just like before, visits to the blue screen of death.

I cant believe tht I would be sent a faulty replacement...i have had enough of this... i want my money back

  maltezer 20:37 07 Nov 2003

Contact your local trading standards office and explain the situation to them and they may decide to pursue !

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