What are the chances?

  rev.bem 23:46 19 Jan 2003
  rev.bem 23:46 19 Jan 2003

click here

look at the price of LG tft monitors

  jazzypop 23:52 19 Jan 2003

About the same as the price, I would say - zero!

Nice find, though :)

  rev.bem 00:02 20 Jan 2003

im of to bed now bet the prices go up in the morning!
nite all.

  Strangely Brown 10:11 20 Jan 2003

The prices are still the same. I have my finger over the 'checkout' button. Very, very tempted!

  Hunte® 11:53 20 Jan 2003

I went for it

Not had a reply from them yet though so will have to see......I'm not expecting to see my shiney new 17" TFT though :-)

  jazzypop 12:16 20 Jan 2003

As Kodak found to their cost, it seems that if they send you an email confirming the transaction, there is a contract which should be honoured.

However, I believe that there is an 'escape clause', to the effect that if the contract is plainly daft, it is not enforceable.

There are far better consumer rights people in this forum, who will doubtless explain this better than me :)

  Revo 15:12 20 Jan 2003

I ordered one this morning, for the sum of £10.45, which is the delivery cost, had an email confirmation back from them too.

However, the web site has now been updated, and it is showing the true cost of the monitor at around £400 inc vat, jst waiting to see now, if iget billed for the full amount, or contacted to see if i want to continue with the order.

A question tho, Can they bill me for the full price of the monitor without informing me/getting consent? as I have only authorised the £10.45

  rev.bem 18:40 20 Jan 2003

Oh well back to reality

Revo good luck to you post back if you get it

then we can all spend the rest of the week kicking

ourselves for not trying it on.

  Hunte® 16:08 21 Jan 2003

Well it looks like they have authorised my credit card for the value of the transaction (the delivery charge):-)

At what point would the contract be deemed to be binding?

Offer - Acceptance - Consideration!

The three essential elements of a valid contract - the advert was your invitation to make an offer, which you did, and it was accepted by the email reply, by charging your card for the transaction amount they have the third and final element - valuable consideration (Dosh)!

If they were to now try and stop the order you could claim promissory Estoppel!

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