What Annoys You: Internet Peeves

  erkmatrix 16:03 12 Jan 2010

Hi just thought I'd start a moaning thread about what irritates me about the internet.

Here's two of mine

1. The damn caption you have to fill in on registration forms so they get away from spammers. I've been on lots of sites where it is almost impossible to read the jumbled up numbers and letters and then it tells you its wrong and you have to keep entering your password twice again, damn annoying, surely you just make them easily read.

2. Is you get a lot these days predicted search terms and ebay is especially bad for this, you write something in and accidentally you maybe click down its list or it automatically starts adding things to your search terms that you don't want, its annoying and I wish it wouldn't do it so easily without you selecting one of their choices.

Not big deals really but little things that grind on me.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:18 12 Jan 2010

1. Underlined 'keywords' that bring up advertising or other popups. I know that they're needed for generating revenue, but seriously, i spend more time being careful never to run my mouse over them than i do reading the contents of the screen. Very peevish to me!

2. Websites that have flash introduction pages, take 10 seconds to load and the first bit that comes up is an option to skip the rest of the animation.

  rdave13 19:27 12 Jan 2010


  rdave13 19:32 12 Jan 2010

Try again.
Nothing at all.
Irritating and very annoying is to lose internet connection for any reason. Hasn't happened in a while.
If you find a site that annoys you to complain then don't visit. That's the beauty of internet sites, if they bug you then bugger off and don't connect.
'Simples', a new word added to the dictionary I believe?

  Colin 20:26 12 Jan 2010

OTT_Buzzard "2. Websites that have flash introduction pages, take 10 seconds to load and the first bit that comes up is an option to skip the rest of the animation."

I can't think what website that is!

  interzone55 20:35 12 Jan 2010

Firstly I think you should ask FE to move this to Speakers Corner, probably a more suitable home for a thread like this.

Secondly, any decent website should also have a button to press so the page will read the characters in the Captcha box aloud, this is to comply with Disability Discrimination legislation...

  ame 23:52 12 Jan 2010

Agree with OTT_Buzzard. Bleedin' fed up with the advertising popups on this site as your mouse traverses the page. Maybe I'll get banned by the FE now!

  erkmatrix 11:10 13 Jan 2010

Yeah please FE can you move this to speakers corner. Sorry hadn't realized speakers corner existed, I should of checked before posting it here.

Another annoying thing idiots posting things in the wrong forums, sorry again.

Totally agree with the internet connection one, nothing more irritating than needing to be online for something like an ebay auction and slow or no connection

  babybell 11:50 13 Jan 2010

The 20 odd people who right "1st" on a new discussion page, usually on Yahoo news articles, what is that all about!!! And also the spam adverts that appear on there about every other post. I would rather they had the annoying caption thing on every post if it will reduce the amount of spam!

  OTT_B 16:45 13 Jan 2010

I used to use Orange, and found that on Sunday nights, from about 7pm til around 10pm, my internet connection would drop off *exactly* every 6 minutes. I phoned their tech support who sent a new live box, which did the same thing.

Swtiched to PlusNet and have never had a problem since!

  hugh144 16:48 13 Jan 2010

Having perservered with Orange as my ISP for some time my main gripe about the internet is Orange. Slow speed (less than 1 mbps), poor customer service - unable to access the internet yesterday. Will definitely be changing ISP in 2010. Internet is great when it works but a pain in the **** when it doesn't!

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