what about these processors?

  SG Atlantis® 17:13 07 Jan 2006

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I seen a few lappies with them, I'm not gonna post the laptops in question as there are too many accross different sites that I have been eyeing up. But I don't have any experience of VIA processors, I thought it was just Intels and AMDs.

  ade.h 17:27 07 Jan 2006

Even if I was buying a new lappy now - rather than two months ago - I'd still stick with Intel. Not the VIA chips might not be good, but it's what you know isn't it?

  ade.h 17:28 07 Jan 2006

Not *that* the....

Loose connection between brain and hands as usual!

  DieSse 17:43 07 Jan 2006

Remember Cyrix? (Cyrix Instead was their slogan - cf Intel Inside). And IDT (probably not!). Via bought Cyrix and IDT when they failed to make a real go of it - and have been developing the line of processors for some time now. They specialise in very low power, cool running designs - which of course would be ideal for laptops, all other things being equal.

Via also specialise in chipsets for motherboards, and are one of the seeral large players in that market.

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  DieSse 17:55 07 Jan 2006

*but it's what you know isn't it?*

I don't quite understand that. Do you worry about what components are inside your TV - your mobile phone - your DVD player, etc. So why panic over what processor is in a laptop - as long as you can see the benefits/drawbacks, in terms of things like speed, power consumption (battery life), comparability, price, etc - why should we care who actually makes the thing?

  DieSse 17:56 07 Jan 2006

PS - The C3 is the older model - the C7 is the latest.

  SG Atlantis® 18:01 07 Jan 2006

thanks for the replies. I don't remember cyrix and idt.

The C3 @ 1.3ghz could be compared to what?

  ade.h 18:07 07 Jan 2006

That is not what I meant, DieSse.

I mean to say that I prefer to stay with brands/product types with which I'm happy. I can't imagine VIA being able to produce a CPU for a specific application that is better than a company that is established at it. It well be almost as good, I don't know. Frankly, I have no need to try it as I am so happy with what Intel can produce. Likewise, I wouldn't expect an Intel design to outperform VIA in an area in which VIA was specialised and Intel was not.

VIA will have to put a lot of effort into catching up with Intel and producing a superior product given the latter's position in this market. Good as it is, even AMD struggles against Intel's market dominance.

Even AMD is apparently unable to produce a CPU that has quite the same degree of power-saving ability. They are consistently slightly worse off for battery life in otherwise identical specs (see the Acer product line for a good comparison). As far as I know, the performance is comparable, but that is not my main consideration.

Unless there is a sea change in the laptop processor market, my next laptop will have an Intel CPU, just as my current one and the one before that.

  ade.h 18:11 07 Jan 2006

And I don't expect good performance coupled with good battery life from a television! :o)

Nor do I use one anywhere near as much as a computer. I don't use a mobile, but if I did, I would care quite a lot about how it performed.

  fitcher 22:59 07 Jan 2006

I have a high end laptop ( intel 4 3000 )with a very good ati graphics card )it will play games like quake 4 and halo with no trouble ...but////boy does it run hot. I fear for the proccessor and turn it of after a while ..and for serious gaming I use my desktop pc that is running colder with extra fans ..so maybe I should have bought a cheaper laptop for paper work and office programes ..not a games one ...

  De Marcus™ 05:17 08 Jan 2006

Have you ever considered a notebook cooler? They do work tremendously well, however the point of a laptop is mobility, which a cooler would only hinder. Still, if you play games at a desk as such one may come in handy, and only £20 at pc world.

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