What about the Archos av340?

  Mr Scone 14:39 01 Dec 2003

Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying the Archos av340 and I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on its quality. Particularly, how good is the video recording/playback? Ease of use? Value for money (where can I get it from for cheapest - is ebay worth trying?).

Also, I would like to get the camera attachment so I could use it as a digital camera and camcorder. If anyone knows how good video capture is (pic quality, sound quality etc) I'd be greatful for your opinion.

Finally, Is it worth paying the extra for the 40gb HDD (rather than the 20 gb in the av320)?

Thanks for any help


  Mr Scone 23:03 01 Dec 2003


  Tim1964 23:31 01 Dec 2003

Amazon and Dixons have it for £550 (ouch!!). Putting "Archos av340 reviews" into Google will throw up the sort of thing you need. Good luck.

  Mr Scone 12:50 02 Dec 2003

Thanks Tim1964,

I've had a look through some reviews and although there are a small number of drawbacks, the product seems to be very highly thought of.

The only thing I can't find is a review of video capture quality with the add on cam. It is stated as being VHS quality but it would be useful to hear from someone who has experience with it.

Also, American sites stock it for far cheaper than UK sites. Is it worth getting it shipped over or will this cause too many problems?

Thanks again


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