What is AA up to

  Ozy 11:25 24 May 2011

What is the Automobile Association up to? In my renewal papers I received a leaflet TCPA12 (12/10) headed, Changes to your AA membership. If the AA is unable to fix your car at the roadside, where previously AA would provide a tow to your local garage, the AA will now take you to the AA's choice of local repairer I understand this to mean if I am on my way to Scarborough, from Leeds and I break down near York they will take me to a garage in York this would be a great saving for them, on the drivers time and the saving of diesel fuel. I conacted AA by phone and by e mail for clarification of this leaflet, by phone I was told by the person answering the enquiry. They had never heard of this leaflet, she checked with her supervisor who had also never heard of this change of rule. The return e mail did not mention the rule change, it just confirmed the old rule. Was this leaflet sent by mistake? Is this what the AA is planning to save Fuel?

  spuds 15:13 24 May 2011

I think that you may well find that most motoring organisation now hold in reserve, this or a similar clause to their latest policies, or at least over the past 2/3 years. If the vehicle can be fixed local in a quick manner, then they will endeavor to do this, rather than use a vehicle transporter over great distances.

If you read your existing policy, you may well find that they also have the option to provide an onward vehicle, nights accommodation or rail fares. Perhaps best to check!.

I gave up with the AA after more than 30 years loyalty,with only 5 call-outs in that time (three of those being on the same day, for the same problem) when I found that new subscribers were getting preferential treatment. Asking about this, I was sent a rather disappointing response. Apparently long term loyalty meant very little to the AA!.

  961 08:34 25 May 2011

Now owned by a venture capital company. Says it all

  hastelloy 08:46 25 May 2011

I'm with Auto Aid. All the benefits of full AA or RAC membership for £38 and only 1 negative - my daughter recently had a clutch go so Auto Aid towed her (under my policy) to the garage of her choice. I had to pay (credit card) the £48 charge for this but the refund cheque arrived before my credit card bill. You just have to remember to send in the claim!!!

  spuds 09:24 25 May 2011


When I left the AA I went to a company called First Call, which is another of those cheaper companies. Reading their reviews seemed to be a bit hit and miss, but I went ahead. Had a battery problem, and their HomeStart kicked in, which was very much appreciated, and the standard of service appeared good. When I contacted the company for assistance, I had to go through a question and answer session, which I did find rather strange though!.

I then had a subscription and renewal problem on the third year of the vehicle breakdown cover. Eventually I ended up with the RAC on a promotion offer. Shortly due for a renewal, so its a case of see what that brings in renewal fees request!.

Definitely will not go back to the AA though!.

  hastelloy 12:37 25 May 2011

spuds I've been with Auto Aid for about 5 years and this year was the first time I'd needed to use them. I have to say that they were first class both with providing the required assistance and refunding the cost.

  961 14:04 25 May 2011

We too are now with Auto Aid

  FEEBS 11:45 21 Jun 2011

I drive a recovery truck as an agent for all the breakdown services so whoever you are with in my part of the country you will get me as the AA,RAC etc don't have enough vehicles to cover the area. My advice would be to join Britannia Rescue which give full recovery to any destination for under £59/year with home start an extra couple of quid, this includes membership of the CSMA and all it's benefits (I saved £8000 on a new car last year. Recovery to a garage for repair would be chosen by the customer as a destination.

  hastelloy 16:21 21 Jun 2011

To get the same cover that I get with Auto Aid for £38, Brittania Rescue want £120 or £68 if done through the CSMA site.

  FEEBS 16:38 21 Jun 2011

Must check that out Marvin - what do you get for £38? and where are they based?

  hastelloy 20:06 21 Jun 2011

FEEBS Auto Aid - [Auto Aid][2]reviews[Auto Aid][4]. I've only used them once - my daughter's clutch went when my wife was with her so she called auto aid. Was towed to repairer of her choice. The refund cheque arrived before I'd paid the credit card bill.

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