what is...

  he he :-)™ 15:43 20 Apr 2003

hp invent like because I might get a laptop from them.

  Lú-tzé 18:37 20 Apr 2003

Personally I don't like HP laptops (or PCs for that matter) but they make excellent printers!

This is not based on anything but my experience of the few HP machines I have used. Maybe someone will come here and tell you that they are good...

  A15 19:21 20 Apr 2003

I will second that about the printers Lú-tzé, I still have an HP550c that is going strong (if a little slow)!

  graham√ 19:57 20 Apr 2003

I have a hp pavilion desk-top and a hp scanner, very happy with both. When a glass of wine went over the keyboard they sent another the next day.

  he he :-)™ 19:59 20 Apr 2003

ok thanx

  troydi 21:23 20 Apr 2003

Yeah, my HP pavilion is AMAZING! Does everything it says on the box, and I wouldn't change it. I think they're underrated.

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