Wharfedale 26 inch HD ready LCD Widescreen with

  Armchair 21:54 04 Feb 2008

built-in Freeview for £214.99, but it isn't their current production model. They have them on sale at my local Argos clearance store, and I think it last sold full price in their Spring/Summer 2007 catalogue. I'm not sure of the exact spec., because I don't have any old catalogues, but I am tempted to buy one now. From looking at the box, I know it has two Scart connectors........

Do you think it would be alright? Don't suppose anyone owns one of these, or a similar model? Any glaring faults (eg sound quality, picture etc.)? Not sure if I could use it as a monitor or not, but that isn't essential.

It looks like this

click here

but as I say, I don't know it's spec.in any detail. The newer models have the speakers below the screen.

  MAJ 00:20 05 Feb 2008

I hope the TV is better built and performs better than the Wharfedale wireless headphones that I bought and am returning tomorrow............

  €dstowe 06:48 05 Feb 2008

Wharfedale used to be a very highly regarded UK speaker manufacturer.

When they expanded their ranges (bought out by a conglomerate for the name?) into mass market consumer electronics, their quality deteriorated markedly.

  Jpeg6785 15:38 05 Feb 2008

I purchased a Wharfdale 32" LCD in the clearance from Argos last year and it was £300.00 odd pounds.. The reviews were not brilliant on the web but I can honestly say for the money I cant fault it.... It plays HD films and the XBOX360 flawlessley and the PC goes onto it perfectly for web browsing etc..... The freeview is excellent and it hasnt give me a minutes trouble, and the build quality is good.

Got to speak as you find, I previously owned a philips 32" PixelPlus with ambilight and the picture matches that, obviously without the ambilight !!! I had to get this though because I had hardware compatability issues with the Phillips but have not had any issues with this.

  Armchair 17:50 05 Feb 2008

Cheers for the replies. Nothing abut the tv set's sound quality, though?

I could get a 19 inch set by Toshiba for the same money, but I'm tempted by the larger screen (and I have no idea how good the Toshiba is, either!).

  oresome 17:51 05 Feb 2008

Wharfedale and Goodmans were once respected UK loudspeaker manufacturers.

I would think twice before buying any of their products now and that also applies to Morphy Richards, Bush and a whole host of other once great Uk manufacturers.

I'm seldom disappointed with Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba products.

  lisa02 18:02 05 Feb 2008

Goodmans and quite a few other names are all owned by Alba. click here Wharfedale ain't though they are part of another group.

  lisa02 18:03 05 Feb 2008

Albaplc click here

  Armchair 18:18 05 Feb 2008

Gah, they reviewed the 32 inch version on the Which? site, but you have to pay £1 to access it. Anyone already signed up and care to copy and paste the ratings, lol?!

click here

  Armchair 21:19 05 Feb 2008

Okay, I bought it! I did find a review eventually (the 32 inch version), which has turned out to be spot-on for the 26 inch version, too.

click here

Cheers. End of topic.

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