Westell PROLINE 6000 ADSL Modem. Questions

  Squarehed 21:21 06 Sep 2004

I've just read a review in a PC gaming magazine (which shall remain anonymous ;)). This said that it will share the connection on multiple PCs. Basically, do i need a different piece of kit to link up my 2 PCs, a PS2 and an XBOX to it?

Or does it have 4 ports for those to plug into it.

thanks in advance for your help.


  Jdoki 23:57 06 Sep 2004


You can go to click here, they have a review of the device (by clicking on reviews and scrolling down a bit)!

From the look of it you only have one Ethernet Port coming out of the thing.

In which case...

If you plan on having more than one device using the network at the same time then a Switch is the better way to go, rather than a Hub.

I have Cable modem that hooks in to a NetGear 4 port router/switch via Ethernet which has always worked fine for me - and I have 2 PC's an XBox and a PS2 all hooked up.

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