Well they didn't last long!!

  canarieslover 10:12 07 Nov 2011

Recession must be still biting hard when an established American outlet can't make it a success over here. Best Buy I never found them particularly competitive on price except when looking for a tumble drier last year. They managed to beat everybody else on price and their delivery men were really first class.

  Crosstrainer2 11:01 07 Nov 2011

Are they not owned and operated by Carphone Warehouse?

  SparkyJack 11:15 07 Nov 2011

indeed Carphone owned the UK side of the American company Garry Dunstone in the Sunday Times announced the dumping there of

  birdface 12:52 07 Nov 2011

I think you will see a few others joining them after the new year.

A lot of firms hoping the Xmas rush will get them out of trouble but if they are in trouble now they have little chance of survival.

Most of my family buy on line now because it is cheaper. Having to pay high parking charges[ if you can get somewhere to park] is putting a lot of folk off from using town center shopping, You can sit in the comfort of your own home and shop from there.

As usual it will get worse before it gets better,Somehow I think this is going to take a bit longer than normal because of the state the world is in just now.

  canarieslover 15:08 07 Nov 2011

Having a branch locally I thought that it would be a good thing as they would be competing with PC World, especially as they were a successful American chain coming over here. A bit of a disappointment when I could see that they weren't going to be a market leader but still a shame that they have called it a day so soon.

  interzone55 17:01 07 Nov 2011

A company that was launched at the start of the biggest recession in living memory was never going to last.

I saw their adverts, but the prices were not particularly competitive, and their closest store is over 40 miles away, so no good for me...

  morddwyd 17:21 07 Nov 2011

I've never heard of them, but that might be a reflection on me, rather than their advertising manager!

  ams4127 17:47 07 Nov 2011

I had never heard of them either until reading the story in The Times this morning.


I've finished all my festive shopping, the last parcel arrived this morning. All arrived within 72 hours of order being placed.

No crowds, no pushing, no spending time frantically searching for nonexistant parking spaces.

"James, light the fire and open a bottle of the decent red, there's a good chap!"

  morddwyd 20:27 07 Nov 2011

Unless you're doing the pudding, in which case it's open the fire and light a bottle of the cheap brandy!

  ams4127 22:22 07 Nov 2011

Just the one, mind...just the one!!

  Forum Editor 22:45 07 Nov 2011

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