Well, I've done it

  HondaMan 14:01 30 Dec 2014

After months if not years of dithering, I have finally ordered my iMac with 5K retina display, 4Ghz processor, 4GB graphics, 3TB fusion HDD and 8GB memory (I'll upgrade that myself) and a Thunderbolt cable together with Lightroom. Total £2600.


Watch this space for updates

  HondaMan 16:02 30 Dec 2014


Thanks. I have finally had enough of Windows and gone over to the other side. I have had a MacBook for about a year now and am so impressed with the way it just "does what you want" without any problems. I run Windows 7 on it, simply because there is no Mac version of that software but even in a virtual PC it seems to run much better. The main use though will be photo-editing, hence the rather large HDD.

  rdave13 16:33 30 Dec 2014

Hmm, just thinking of a Windows machine I could buy with that amount of dosh. Now you'll have to move to the blue banner forum.

I'm sure you won't regret it as they are excellent machines. :)

  Pine Man 08:13 31 Dec 2014


I did exactly the same in July and I have never looked back - enjoy!

  mole1944 07:55 01 Jan 2015

Enjoy your machine, you've defected but no matter just enjoy it. Oh my christmas present to myself in 2014 was a Ford Fiesta Titanium "Because i'm worth it" and if i don't spend it it will go to the government (I'm 70).

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