Well I'm impressed with Dell

  MichelleC 16:03 17 Jun 2006

Got a small spec pc from dell on the internet and it was delivered in 4 days and is up and running nicely. I don't usually praise big companies but I must say so far so good.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:34 17 Jun 2006

Big companies can enjoy praise now and again! Dell are obviously doing something right to be in the position they are...

  rawprawn 20:40 17 Jun 2006

I have had a Dell for about 4½ years with no problems, I am about to replace it, and I lean towards another Dell but I went for a demo of Apple and I was really impressed. None the less Dell make good solid workhorses.

  ivesy 20:48 17 Jun 2006

I agree with everything that has been said. I got my Dell about 6 weeks ago and was apprehensive after reading some of the bad press it gets in some of these forums but I've had no problems at all and would recommend Dell to others. I especially like the "community forums" they run. What I liked best was the price my system was considerably cheaper than some of the other places I was looking at!

  MichelleC 09:05 18 Jun 2006

What also impressed me was they rang 2 days prior to delivery to tell me the date, and it turned up at 8am so I didn't have to wait in all day.

So it seems Dell-boy is no longer a plonker.

  FatboySlim71 11:06 18 Jun 2006

One happy Dell-boy customer, doesnt mean that they are not a plonker. I have countless friends who have had Dell PC's and they were sick and tiried of Dells poor customer service and also been told that they could not do any upgrades to their PC's, most if not all other PC manafactures have what they call an open case warranty, which allows the user to do upgrades, providing that nothing is broken/damaged. Also Dell are known for having none standard parts, which means that if you do need parts then these are only availabale from Dell. I once telephoned Dell, as I was in the market for a new PC, I asked them "If I get a PC from you can I add my own DVD drives as I like the DVD drives that I have has I have had no problems with them and I find them very very compatible for my use" the person from Dell told me "If you fit these drives yourself you would void the warranty but we can have one of our guys come out and fit these for you, this way your warranty would not be affected" needless to say I did not buy a PC from Dell. Its a bit much having to get someone to come out and fit a drive in your PC which is an easy job to do and really is only a 10-15 minute job, just so your warranty remain intact.

  Southernboy 18:39 18 Jun 2006

was DOA. It was a nightmare getting through to them. Although they finally collected it, after missing two appointments, and gave me a full refund after 7 days, I have learned my lesson.

Never buy a computer unless there is, at least, a 12 months on-site warranty. Dell will not provide on-site service, not even at an extra cost.

  spuds 20:06 18 Jun 2006

"Dell will not provide on-site service, not even at extra cost". They will, its all part of their warranty packages, if you subscribe to them.

Regarding the refund in 7 days, the law states that any company as 30 days in which to provide a refund. So in that case, Dell met their obligations much quicker than the law suggests.Can't ask for better than that!.

I have purchased a number of Dell items, and all of them have come up to expectations, including the contracted out courier company, who contacted me on a bank holiday to confirm deliveries for a next day arrival.Try getting that type of service from some of the other companies.

  FatboySlim71 10:45 19 Jun 2006

I agree about choosing an on site warranty, I once had a Cube PC that I had a LOT of problems with, at the time of purchase I picked a 3 year return to base warranty as Cube did not provide an on site warranty, it cost me around £50 to return it to them, I could have sent it for a lot cheaper but I wanted to be insured for the cost of the PC just in case the PC was damaged on route and this is what made the cost so high. I now have an Evesham PC which I made sure at the time of purchase, that I picked a 3 year onsite warranty. Believe me, it is not worth while saving a bit of money by choosing a return to base warranty option, I have learned this leason to my cost!

  grandvella 15:51 19 Jun 2006

I'm not one of their happiest customers myself.

I've had two laptops from them. The first had a crack in the casing which fair enough was replaced within about a week. The second was a nightmare. Firstly it wouldn't connect to the internet properly which was later found to be a problem with the network port. Once replaced I would find the graphics to be hazy when working with images in Paint Shop Pro. For about a month I was on their support line trying to convince them that the colours were not right. I think they ended up replacing the screen or the motherboard for that one. When I got it back I had to go through getting all my art back onto the unit. Definitely not one of their happiest....

This was finally resolved about a month or so ago, before I'd first visited this forum. Next time I have a problem I think I'll cut my losses and come here for help

  ghm101 16:20 19 Jun 2006

I ordered a dell after a nightmare trying to get one from Panrix (boo) click here

I have had it for a couple of weeks with no problems (which seems to be the key with Dell).

Dell did an excellent job in terms of
-Order Status & progress monitoring on their website (and their courier)
-Delivery within good time.

If anything goes bust on it and the magic smoke all comes out I will no doubt find out about their customer service first hand.

So far though I am very Happy with Dell.

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