Well done west coast

  Mick. 22:44 19 Dec 2012

Ordered laptop from QVC, HP model. Package was damaged in transit so we did not open but arranged for return. Westcoast arranged a convenient pick up time and off it went.

We were awaiting refund from QVC for the first machine while we received replacement machine.

After 8 weeks we phone QVC and they said they had no notification of the return of the first machine so I rang Westcoast.

They confirmed they received the machine the day after it was sent and issued a credit for it. They said not to worry as you will receive a call from QVC with in 30 minutes.

They were straight on to QVC to confirm the return and to get it sorted immediately.

The company were spot on. QVC rang with in 10 minutes and said the full amount had now been credit back on to our debit card.

That is the best customer service I have ever received. Well done Westcoast.


  Forum Editor 22:51 19 Dec 2012

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  spuds 10:41 20 Dec 2012

I am finding this hard to understand, especially "After 8 weeks we phone QVC".

I wouldn't call waiting 8 weeks due to lack of service or communications between two supply companies "well done" or "best customer service". I deal daily with many companies, both suppliers and transport-courier services, and have never had to wait 8 weeks for a problem to be resolved, unless it was something really major and completely out of order.

  Mick. 11:55 20 Dec 2012


It is not uncommon for QVC to take upto 4 weeks to credit returned items. They have many slow departments who pass details from one to another. We know this from previous returns. It has never bothered us having to wait a few weeks for a refund.

This time was different. Westcoast told QVC immediately that the laptop had been returned in unopened condition and authorized the refund. Somehow QVC had misplaced the refund request and the accounts department were awaiting authorization to refund the money.

As soon as I told Westcoast that QVC still had no knowledge of the return they got on the phone and sorted it in 10 minutes.

That to me is good service. They sorted a problem out, to our satisfaction, in minutes.

  Forum Editor 22:43 20 Dec 2012

"It is not uncommon for QVC to take upto 4 weeks to credit returned items"

Perhaps because, by law they are allowed up to 30 days to make the refund. Many retailers will refund well before the period ends, but they are not bound to do so. I'm assuming that you are dealing with Westcoast as a business purchaser,and not as a private consumer. If you were a consumer your contract would have been with Westcoast, not with a third party, and Westcoast would have been liable to you for the refund.

What I don't fully understand is why you waited two months before querying the refund,and why, if you are a business purchaser you are posting a glowing testimonial on a web forum that is intended for consumers.

  finerty 10:21 21 Dec 2012

8 weeks is a very long time for a service resolve

  Mick. 20:20 21 Dec 2012

Forum Editor

We purchased the item from QVC.

We were unhappy with the condition of delivery.

We rang QVC to return item.

QVC must of informed the supplier i.e. west coast to arrange the pickup, which they did.

Machine was picked up.

Awaited refund.

Refund not turned up.

QVC sent a couple of letters saying machine still not received.

I rang west coast to see if it had received item.

They said they had and informed QVC straight away.

I said QVC were still awaiting confirmation of receipt.

Westcoast rang QVC and the matter was resolved in minutes.

So I am not a business purchaser

but just a QVC customer.

and why wait 8 weeks because usually it takes around 4 weeks and when our next bank statement arrived we looked for the refund that was not there.

So we started the ball rolling.

Hope that is clear for you.

  Mick. 20:23 21 Dec 2012

So much for praising IT firms that you think good service.

It was not their fault but QVC's. Westcoast thought the refund had gone through as QVC take and refund the money.

  Forum Editor 00:18 22 Dec 2012

So I am not a business purchaser

In which case I can't understand why you had any dealings with West coast at all. You say that "QVC take and refund the money", which means that legally your contract was with them, and that they were liable for any problems. It was up to them to deal with Westcoast.

You say "So much for praising IT firms that you think good service.", but Westcoast wasn't an IT firm in this case was it? From what you've said it simply acted as a courier for QVC - it all sounds a bit odd to me that Westcoast was involved in conversations about refunds.

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