Well done Kodak - That's what I call Service!

  The PC Doctor 01:21 11 May 2003

Thought I would share with you all a recent experience with Kodak, and what excellent service they provide.

Last year I purchased a Kodak DX3700 Digital Camera from Argos (am I allowed to say that?)

Anyway I was becoming increasingly disappointed with the clarity of photo’s taken with this camera, so one day I contacted Kodak by Email and explained my concerns.

The following day, 05/04/2003, I received a reply…..

Thank you for your email regarding your DX3700.

We feel that due to the contents of your e-mail your camera may require repair.

Could you please contact us on one of the telephone numbers below quoting the reference number above.

On 07/04/2003 I contacted Kodak by telephone and explained the clarity problem. They agreed that a repair may be in order but they would like to see two photo’s taken by the camera. This would help identify the problem. Thanks to the electronic age, I despatched two photo’s by Email whilst still talking on the phone. The Email was received at the other end and it was confirmed that the camera would need repairing.

At this point I expected the usual put it in a box, take it to the post office and send it to us….. No, I was asked when could the camera be PICKED UP! Yes that’s right, at no expense to me at all here was a company arranging to collect this camera at their own expense.

I promptly made arrangements (Just in case they changed their minds) unfortunately, the soonest I could have it picked up was on 14/04/2003, At 1604hrs on the 14th, as arranged, a DHL van arrived and the camera was picked up.

I later tracked my camera, thanks to the Internet and DHL and found that it was delivered to Kodak in Brussels, via the East Midlands, at 0840hrs the next day.

That was the last I heard about my old camera…

Aha I hear you say – Kodak lost it!

No you would be wrong… Yesterday (09/05/2003) a DHL van pulled up to my front door and delivered to me, a brand new DX3700 camera.

In this day and age of failing to deliver and failing to meet orders, never mind the after sales service of most suppliers, I find that this was a very refreshing change. All I can say is, what excellent service from Kodak, and many thanks to Birgit from Kodak Support for all her help….

Well Done Kodak.

  spuds 11:06 11 May 2003

I followed this same "Well done Kodak" route, and gave praise [via this forum] to Kodak Support for their great response to my problem DX3700 and Docking station.
But- The camera was repaired,and the docking station checked, but it still as the original problems. Further contact with Kodak Support as run up a heavy telephone bill, in trying to obtain remedies via their technical and download facilities.Yes I agree that Kodak are being very helpful, but at the expense of my telephone and internet bill.Kodak have done on-line diagnostic test, recommended various things, all without much success. My simple problem, the camera will not download from the docking station, as it should.When the camera was returned, the latest released Firmware was installed by the repairer, this would not work with the original software, so downloading the new software from Kodak was recommended. Having made a number of attempts at loading this long download, without success, I am still in discussions with Kodak.But I wish they wouldn't keep telling me that they keep trying to contact me by telephone and fax, when my answering service states this is not so. Funny I always seem to get their email.

Sorry PC Doctor for airing my greivance within your posting.But the ongoing problems are causing concern, considering that I also thought my original problems with my DX3700 had been solved with great customer service originally.

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