Well done, Evesham and how to back-up.

  Thos 13:54 01 Jun 2005

To my dismay, my computer refused to power up and I found that a fuse had blown in the plug. I replaced it but it blew again with a bang from the back of the tower unit. I had taken delivery from Evesham a couple of weeks under two years ago and when I rang they readily agreed to send out an engineer. He arrived on the next working day, replaced the power unit and a noisy fan and I was up and running again. This is, I think, exemporary service and worth a mention.

I had panicked a bit in case all my data and settings had been lost. This wasn't the case but it has made me think about some sort of external back-up facility. Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced way of backing up the data outside the computer's hard drive?

  Fingees 16:25 01 Jun 2005

I would suggest you post the backup question on the help forum ,if you haven't already done so.

Best wishes.

  mole44 17:08 01 Jun 2005

if its any help i keep all my personel data on a maxter external drive.i also use norton ghost 9.0 to back up my drive to an an internal drive.this should ensure when that pear shape comes to visit my personell data is safe.

  Lettervanman 19:59 01 Jun 2005

Thats very good,but is what I expect from Evesham,you pays yer money and takes yer chance....!

  Danoh 20:11 01 Jun 2005

I've got a second internal hard disk and use DriveImage7 to run different auto-scheduled backups.

Its a lot cheaper than having an external drive and arguably, the data transfer is also faster.

As DriveImage7 is no longer sold, personally I would buy Acronis True Image for data backup purposes.

  Danoh 20:19 01 Jun 2005

When I bought my Evesham just over 3 years ago, there was a lot of debate whether warranties were worthwhile as PC firms seem to go out of business regularly. I decided to pay for an extra 3rd year and have been repaid many times over.

Months before the warranty expired, I'd had a hard drive replaced. (CRT monitor as well but that was covered by the Mitshubishi 3 yr warranty)

Then a fan became really noisy, obviously about to fail, and the engineer replaced 2 fans as it was not obvious which one was the culprit. It ended up being the Motherboards north bridge fan but as they did not have stock of that, the motherboard was replaced together with a fan!!

So new fans all round, and a Motherboard with the latest BIOS, albeit one which is still in Beta release.

  Joe R 21:04 01 Jun 2005


In case you haven't posted in the helproom. click here

  soy 23:37 01 Jun 2005

3 years into my 5 year warranty, my hard drive failed last week. Rang up evesham and was advised to post the hard drive back to them. At the end of the week, a brand new drive came through the post.

Exellent customer service!

  Thos 09:26 02 Jun 2005

Thanks everyone. It is good to read a good news story.

Fingees: I had researched "back up" on the Help forum and found some useful advice, especially from "£dstowe" who referred to a comprehensive site (click here) which helped me very much.

So I think an external drive would suit my purpose and, "Joe R", I thought the Novatech offerings look very reasonable, and the firm is spoken well of on this forum.

Thanks again.


  Danoh 15:24 02 Jun 2005

Thos, the site you refer to talks about using Windows XP's "NTBackup" program. It does work but be aware that;

1) It requires you to have a passworded Login user session or the automated aspect will not work.

2) You can only restore the whole of your backup, unlike other backup utilities which allows you to back up just one folder or even the 1 file you need.

  Danoh 15:25 02 Jun 2005

Sorry; 2) should read "allows you to restore just one..."

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