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  troydi 00:37 18 Jun 2003

Slightly off topic a bit, but BT seriously think that the reason people want broadband is for content?

"BT Retail boss Pierre Danon said that the company won't be attracting these customers by "hammering home the fact that [broadband] is fast" because the average internet user ? as opposed to a heavy user who is probably already spending close to £30 on a dialup connection ? simply "doesn't care about how fast it is", claims Danon. " click here Apparently, 35.1% of us (the majority in the pc advisor poll on the broadband issue) chose broadband for faster surfing speeds. I'm not sure that BT is a serious threat to AOL if they're going to be offering the same sort of content. What do you think?

  Peverelli 00:54 19 Jun 2003

Does anybody choose an ISP for content? I had this discussion at work recently. Out of 19 people only 2 had their ISP as their homepage, and one of those did so because he hadn't realised he could use any homepage he wanted. Maybe BT should replace their market research team if this is this information they supply.

The only time I go to my ISP's site is when there's a problem with the service.

  DieSse 01:29 19 Jun 2003

Nobody that I know or have ever met chose an ISP for their content. Price, reliabilty and services (how many email accounts, how much in them, etc) are kings - ISP content is nothing.

Content is the web, with Google to find it for you. In this sense, Google is king.

  geoff47 02:04 19 Jun 2003

To put it another way ISPs are a neccasary evil.
Whatever ISP you choose for whatever reason most are at least viewable through their need to whet your appetite,so you can have access to most ISP websites why dont we stay there all the time?Thats not the reason we buy the service,as simple as that.

  Demora 16:36 19 Jun 2003

I bought a Laptop in the States with everything installed it even said 'Broadband' ready on a little sticker. On switching on I discovered AOHell was pe-installed Grrrrrrr. It has taken me ages to weed this from the registry. All I use is a dial up when I'm travelling and the home broadband if I can't get access to my desktop pc (3 teenager daughters using the internet I have No chance)

Content is irrelavent to me. I just enter the dial up settings and go.


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