Website poll: PCs and our daily lives

  PC Advisor. 16:46 15 Jul 2003

Hi folks,

It's that poll time of the week again. We'd be interested to know how the role of the PC might - or might not - be changing in the daily lives of our readers/visitors.

Is it becoming more integral to your daily lives (if so in what ways?).

Is it becoming less integral (if so in what ways?).

Or is it same old, same old? Word processing, surfing and gaming etc.

As ever, please indicate if you don't want to be quoted by your real name.

  Fateful Shadow 17:37 15 Jul 2003

I think that my PC and my laptop are becoming more and more involved in my life.

For a start, I was only 7 when I had my first computer (the good old days of Windows 95 :P)I'm now 15, and nearly every aspect of the computer has got better.

I am now finding myself doing nearly all my coursework and my homework on the computer. Not only does this greatly decrease the time of doing my homwork, but I am learning more, for example, I may find a shortcut that I never knew about, or if I am looking on the Internet, then I will find an article that interests me. I may spend a bit more time than I should on my homework, but I am learning a great deal.

I'm also finding it hard to draw myself away from the Internet too. The ease of use and fun of the net makes it something that you want to use continually (except when it goes wrong!)

I think computers are a fantastic part of life, and I have no idea where all of here would be without them :P

  spikeychris 18:19 15 Jul 2003

Thinking about having a USB port fitted into my belly.

Not many more ways of integrating left.


  ams4127 20:02 15 Jul 2003

I'm extremely proud of myself. The other day I found an old fountain pen, filled it with ink and wrote a letter to a friend. I used the spellchecker called my brain.

He phoned me to say how much more personal it was than e-mail or the dreaded text message.

I'm now going to turn off my computer, shutdown my digital TV, sit in the garden with a glass, or two, of a nicely chilled white wine and read a book. And if my mobile wants to talk to my fridge about the behaviour of the washing machine, it had better not interrupt me!!

Integration? No!!

  spikeychris 20:44 15 Jul 2003

Fantastic idea and nominated, the best post of the week.


  obbit 10:46 16 Jul 2003

i find i am starting to do more with the pc. shopping, banking which are things i didn't do 3 or 4 months ago. and the usual, surfing, word processing, talking and net meeting. games only a bit. and of course visiting PC Advisor when ever i can.

  ams4127 19:56 16 Jul 2003


It worked so well that I was late for work. The microwave forgot to pass on the message from the cooker to tell my alarm clock to switch itself on.

Guess I'll have to do it manually now!

I have a feeling that in time to come when I, and everyone here is long dead, that some bright youg thing will go to his boss at the bank and say "I've got this brilliant idea; let's open a site in a town where people can speak to us"

I will fall off my cloud laughing!

  ams4127 19:58 16 Jul 2003

Oops! For "youg" read "young"

  jazzypop 23:12 16 Jul 2003

And if I can hear the bright young thing above the terrible wailing and gnashing of teeth down there, I'll look up and laugh too.

She can't begrudge me one laugh in an eternity, can she?

  ams4127 19:49 17 Jul 2003

I seem to have made the classic mistake of thinking that I would go up. Obviously I too, will go down.


I'll be spending so much time saying Hello to all my friends that I won't be too depressed!

I may get the one laugh in eternity but, wherever she is, she'll hear me!!

  The Spires 20:25 17 Jul 2003

I really hope my Pc does not integrate with my life any further, enough of my life depends on the safe working of the devices now & the associated backing up of my life on to shiny disks. Eggs & baskets come to mind.

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