Webcam Advice Needed

  Gilly Woo 11:26 01 Jul 2008

Hi, I need some advice on which webcam to buy.

I'm looking for a wireless webcam to be used as a pet watch camera. I have a pc with a wireless router in the house that the camera will be in but would like to be able to view video from any pc. I know very little about webcams so don't really know what to look out for in terms of getting good quality video streaming.

If anyone could give me any advice, recommendations or reviews I would be very grateful.

  [email protected] 11:37 01 Jul 2008

Although I've never heard of a wireless webcam, you can get wireless CCTV cameras that can be attached to networks which I think would do what you want.

Here's one I found on ebuyer click here. Sorry I don't know much about them but it might help you get started.

  recap 15:21 01 Jul 2008

If you click here there is an explanation about wireless web cams. It may also benefit you to look for web cam server software?

  Gilly Woo 15:43 01 Jul 2008

Thanks for your replies.

recap, I actually found that site this morning. The reviews on it are helpful but there are so many more wireless webcams out there I was hoping to come across some other people that could provide reviews of a few. I understand the difference between types of webcam, its more what to look out for to make sure I get one with good quality video streaming.

The cam is intended to watch a turtle tank and therefore, picture quality and focus need to be quite good.

I'm not sure what you mean by web cam server software. From wireless webcams I've seen so far, they seem to have their own IP address and (providing the port on the router is open - which I'll figure out how to do when I have one!) you can then access the webcam footage from any pc.

  recap 13:01 08 Jul 2008

The web cam server software would be of benefit if you have more than one web cam in use.

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