Web pages sometimes do not load

  douglas1973 15:20 04 Dec 2011

I am using IE9 in Windows 7 Professional. Frequently pages will not load (blank page). I have scoured the internet (and your forum) but have not found a solution to the problem which appears to have started at least 7 years ago and is very prevalent. This seems extraordinary to me. Surely there must be a solution?

  birdface 07:44 05 Dec 2011

Try Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on your keyboard and see if it makes any difference.

It should tell you that the dns cache has been flushed.

  birdface 08:30 05 Dec 2011

Other things that may stop them loading is your security programs.

I used Emisoft anti Malware and if you clicked on a bad site it would block it.

Do you use the likes of WOT for the indication of bad sites.

Also your security settings in I/E make sure they are set to default.

I take it it is not the same as this where your home page gets changed.


Maybe you have changed your Host File and no longer use the windows version.

Maybe let us know what Security programs that you have as one of those might be the problem.

If you get one particular site you can go to where you know that you get that problem.Switch your Firewall off temporary then go to that site and see if it opens.

  douglas1973 15:15 05 Dec 2011

Thanks buteman for all your trouble. I have tried your first suggestion without success. Can you please elaborate on exactly what I need to do? I will try uour other suggestions soon.

  birdface 18:19 05 Dec 2011

Not sure if it is Tools.Internet Options.Security,And set them all to default is what you are looking for.

Or if it is ipconfig /flushdns If typing that into command prompt you need to leave a little space between the ipconfig / and the forward slash for it to work.

All programs.Accessories.Command prompt.

  douglas1973 12:31 14 Dec 2011

Thanks buteman for all your suggestions and patience - much appreciated . Last Wednesday I noticed that my hard drive was making peculiar noises and was over heating so I was compelled to replacing it for a new one. Bought a Hitachi 1GB for £99.99 - a few weeks ago I think it would have cost a third of the price if it were not for the floods in Thailand. As you no doubt understand the hard drive replacement caused a lot of hassle despite the fact that all my documents,pictures, videos, etc. were backed up and I am only now back to almost normal. The one positive outcome of virtually starting all over again is that I no longer have blank pages in Internet Explorer! (I have not yet summoned the courage to upgrade to version 9!).

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