Web Hosting Rip Off - Easyspace

  BazzaHawkeye 16:19 22 Feb 2012

After using Easyspace for 15 years, having had various web sites hosted by them, I found on a recent bank statement that money had been paid to them from my account, although I had not had any notifiction an account was due and I was sure that my accounts were up to date.

Upon contacting Easyspace I was met by a wall of silence and the Data Protection Act. They would not disclose to me which site the money was for.

I did a bit of guessing and presumed that this payment was for hosting a site which I had transferred to another person some months ago. Before I did the transfer all my details were expunged, via the Easyspace Control Panel, and my debit card details were deleted.

I contacted Easyspace and told them of this and they "almost" confirmed that it was the site in question. They were totally intransigent to my protests and told me to contact the new owner and sort it with him. This I did only to be told by him that he had placed his card details on the site when he took it over and also confirmed my details were not there.

Despite numerous emails, all of which generated the same "its your fault" response, I contacted my bank, who are in the process of retrieving my cash.

Easyspace have had my custom for over 15 years. I have hosted a few sites with them and had four running until recently. This is the first dispute I have had with them and their attitude has been absolutely appaling. I do not know for certain if the money has been paid for the site I suspected - they will not tell me. I asked the question "If you had had money taken from your account, wouldn't you at least like to know what it had been spent on?" Data Pratection Act card played again.

They keep telling me it is my fault despite my card details being expunged and despite that being confirmed by the new owner.

The moral of the story is "Don't use Easyspace - they have no moral purpose and do not value customers" I replied to the Customer Services Manager's last email by telling him his title was a misnomer!

  spuds 18:10 22 Feb 2012

I could be wrong here, but I have always understood that the Data Protection Act was to protect and safeguard an 'individual'. It should have nothing to do with telling a customer about funds being removed by a possible error account transaction?.

I have a number of domain/web accounts, and the company that I deal with send automatic renewal reminders about 4/6 weeks before the renewal date. Its then left to me, whether I want to accept (as an automatic deduction from my credit card company) or cancel.

  BazzaHawkeye 18:25 22 Feb 2012

Yes, that is true, however, the email address, which the new registered user has, was mine before I transferred the site. It relates to the site and presumably, he was sent one. I was not and have absolutely nothing to do with the site at all. Hence my anger and amazement at Easyspaces attitude.

  [email protected] 19:31 22 Feb 2012

I think there's many people and companies that love to quote the Data Protection Act as an excuse for various things, but have no idea as to what it actually is. This seems to be the case here.

  HondaMan 16:37 23 Feb 2012


I have a couple of properties whicvh I rent out. The tenants of one moved out leaving unpaid bills. The property is let via an agent, and thte tenants moved to another property handled by that agent, but would they tell me his address. No! DPA quoted in defence.

They will no longer be my agents when the present tenant leaves in a few weeks.

  Forum Editor 23:08 23 Feb 2012

The moral of the story is "Don't use Easyspace - they have no moral purpose and do not value customers"

That's not the moral of the story at all. You have had a single bad experience - that much is obvious - but it doesn't entitle you to make such sweeping comments about a company. Please do not repeat your remarks, or attempt to encourage others to avoid the company because of your experience.

  Forum Editor 23:11 23 Feb 2012


It's obviously your right to choose another agent, but your existing agent acted quite correctly by refusing to disclose a third party's address to you.That would have been a clear contravention of privacy laws, regardless of the circumstances applying to that particular case.

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