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  [DELETED] 18:44 01 Sep 2003

I bought a computer from PC World, transferred my documents from Word on the old computer to Word on the new one. Was pleased with the programmes installed and happily began to use it. Then the floppy disk drive wouldn't work, engineer replaced it then the same thing happened again. Then I had to format the hard drive and when everything returnd found that I had lost Word, Powerpoint and Front Page. Was informed by their technical people that those programmes shouldn't have been on there anyway!Went to see the manager who accused me of piracy!!!!!!! I put him right. Tech guys say that someone could simply have flicked the wrong switch. I'm more inclined to think that someone bought the PC. loaded the programmes and for some reason took the computer back.Floppy disk drive maybe. So now I have disks with my documents on and no programme to put them into.The manager offered me Office for £60 as a goodwill gesture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  [DELETED] 19:12 01 Sep 2003

yes ,i agree with you, sounds like a second hand job, would not be the first time that PCworld and their mates at Dixons have done it.

can anyone trust them?

  [DELETED] 12:41 02 Sep 2003

Gandalf, perhaps?

  [DELETED] 13:42 02 Sep 2003

ok, thats one.........any more?

  [DELETED] 14:08 02 Sep 2003

Doubt it ;-))

  wee eddie 21:09 02 Sep 2003

I use PCW frequently: I have been hoping to get hold of someones juicy information but none has come my way yet.

Seriously: We all use suppliers that we do not entirely trust and some times everyones slips up. Have you never slipped that punnet of strawberries onto the scales, just to check if it really weighs 454gms.

Generally they offer a good service to thousands of people. They have aspects that need tightening up, but it does not mean that they are crooks.

I'm with Gandalf. On balance

  wee eddie 21:11 02 Sep 2003

Anywhere else I can get M$ Office for £60.00

  [DELETED] 21:15 02 Sep 2003

Yes! Got to PC World....buy a crap, used computer, lose hours of work and all your documents! No problem!

  wee eddie 22:12 02 Sep 2003

No backup?

Most of us have been there at some time and just have to go round kicking ourselves.

Ability will read all your files and it is on one of the PCA's disk as I believe is Open Office.

  [DELETED] 00:37 03 Sep 2003

To be fair to PC World. The offer of "Office" for £60.00 is generous, if it is to compensate for the loss of information of faulty PC. But what needs to be looked at is the issue of an [Alleged] used PC as new, this is what appears to have happened. If this is the case then surely a new PC with "Office" thrown in free is more in order.

Have you approached them with this solution? Unfortunately you have wiped the drive, so proving the install of "Office" was there before you bought[It will have had the date of install in the system info.] will be difficult. Are there any other signs of it being sold to someone before yourself. j.

  [DELETED] 04:00 03 Sep 2003

Why does Lea not use the disks that were used to install Word, etc onto the old computer, to install the programme on the new one.

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