We are still in love

  numpty_uk 15:58 18 Nov 2009

With our new Novatech PC.
Been 2 weeks and the Novatech experience gets better each day!
Well built, reliable & it does the job we bought it for.

  birdface 16:18 18 Nov 2009

lets hope it stays that way.

  tullie 16:19 18 Nov 2009

Come back in two years,no point in posting something after two weeks.

  jimmybond 16:51 18 Nov 2009

perhaps if the 'novatech experience' is this exciting after two weeks, they'll be too overwhelmed to speak after 2 years of a working PC?

  numpty_uk 16:54 18 Nov 2009

Our last PC did not work after 2 weeks, in fact it did not work properly for 6 months!
Hence we are so happy that this Novatech pc works so well.

  Input Overload 17:15 18 Nov 2009

I'm in love with my new DELL, it gets dusted every day like my Hi-Fi, the rest of the house will be OK. I'm glad you pleased & that's you've posted saying so, so many people in this country complain yet few praise, nice to see a pleased customer.

  Snec 17:18 18 Nov 2009

Love is a many splendid thing.

  Hopo_UK 20:00 18 Nov 2009

I've noticed that whatever company you buy from, there are people complaining about them, but also people praising them. Even the big name dealers like DELL. Mistakes happen everywhere, and I hope it doesn't with my order from DinoPC, which is arriving tomorrow. How do I know? Got an email from them with a tracking number for FedEx, which is good so far.
So I'm saying that all you can do is make sure you can use PayPal to pay for it, then if there are any problems, you can report it to them.

  donki 12:12 19 Nov 2009

ITs easy to forget that the majority of computers sold by any manufacturer will work perfectly well for years. The more computers sold by a company will relate to the number of complaints they recieve. Yes it is important to read up and research peoples experieneces of a company but just because someone has had a bad experience doesn't mean you will. I bought a MESH PC 3-4 years ago and everythign about the service was great, I have just this week upgraded the motherboard, RAM and OS just because technology has advanced.

  961 13:41 19 Nov 2009

I used to suggest in this forum each December that folk who'd bought a computer for the kids tried it before the great day to make sure it worked, because every year there was a host of cries for help regarding some dead on arrival job or other

I don't do it anymore. The standard of computers sold is far higher than it used to be and, let's face it, if it doesn't work, the kids are far more likely to be able to fix it themselves

I've just bought a new Dell with W7. Well priced, smart, delivered on time and so fast I can't get my fingers to keep up

I've also bought from Dabs, Cable Universe and several others recently where the stuff was ordered one day and here the next despite Royal Mail troubles

There are one or two exceptions with regard to build and customer service standards but I have to say that I think we are being far better served these days than we were 5 years ago

  Input Overload 18:52 20 Nov 2009

I agree totally 961.

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