Watford/Savastore lack of technical support

  number cruncher 20:41 27 Feb 2006

As with others on the forum, I've had very poor response from Watford technical support. Been trying to get response to a problem with a PC since before Christmas - no answer on the phone and no response to emails, apart from a brief flurry about two weeks after raising it when we agreed that I had a problem, and then never heard from them again. The PC has since gone out of warranty and I've decided to cut my losses and go to a local shop - but won't be using Watford/Savastore again.

  Forum Editor 00:10 28 Feb 2006

three working days ago, in response to an approach they made to our office, offering to improve communications.

So far I haven't even had an acknowledgment, and I'm afraid this isn't the first time that my emails to this company have gone unanswered. I would very much like to offer to intervene with Watford Electronics on your behalf, but I'm afraid that I'm unlikely to get much further than you if my past experience is anything to go by.
I have something of a reputation for 'favouring' suppliers in the forum - I've often been accused of sucking up to magazine advertisers in the past - but I can assure you that I simply wish to play fair. Suppliers have as much right to be heard here as anyone else, and it's certainly a fact that the customer isn't always right.

My prime loyalty however, is to our readers and forum members - they are the people we aim to represent, and they are the people who buy the magazine. If I can't get a response from a company I'm powerless to do much to help, and I freely admit that irritates me intensely. I would much rather have no promises made to me at all, than have them made and immediately broken.

There now, my head is well and truly in the noose.

  rmcqua 14:35 28 Feb 2006

I'm hoping that someone at Watford/Savastore with a true interest in customer satisfaction, if there is such a person, is reading this and feels suitably embarrassed. Rolling heads should be the order of the day, but they probably won't be.

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