Zoomclub 10:53 20 Jan 2004

Has anyone ever had sucessful dealings with this companies Customer Services Dept? In my experience they blatantly just "don't give a damn"!
Bought a mouse, which was clearly advertised as a Kensington Scroll Mouse - 3 Button Serial PS/2. The mouse which arrived was actually a USB mouse -with a PS/2 adaptor- even though the manual with it referred to a Serial adaptor.
Simple problem? - It's not a whole system.....Just a teeny little mouse....NO!!

After 4 E-mails, 3 Telephone calls (during which I wasn't able to actually speak to anyone - on several different numbers!), 2 online feedback forms and now, 2 Faxes, I have been totally unable to resolve this extremely minor problem!

The only responses I have had at all, have been 2 emails from someone called Jenny McMellon - you cannot speak to her on the phone, and she won't return phone calls!
These were only in response to Faxes - which she obviously did not actually read - just sent standard format emails -
1)To advise me to fill in the returns form on the site - Not appropriate, as it only caters for items that need repair - for mice you cannot get a Returns Number - just gives you manufacturers details.

2) To add insult to injury and tell me I should have informed them of the discrepancy within 7 days - I actually did this the day after the mouse arrived - and had told her this.

My reply to this has just been ignored, and I just cannot get through to Customer Services!

The monies involved is relatively small, but I believe the principle is important, and PC Advisor readers should at least be warned of my experience of the repeated failures of Watford / Savastore to provide what is in my opinion very basic customer service!
There are several postings on this Forum already which mirror my own experience - that is, they just don't care! Another random example of other peoples experiences with them can be found here - click here

Have emailed the guys at Consumerwatch to ask for their help in trying to crack "Fortress Watford" -Watch this space!

  gold 47 14:08 20 Jan 2004

God i bought £600 pounds worth of computer hardware three months ago i was lucky every think worked well but it could have gone belly up i would have second thoughts now
thanks for the info.

  JerryJay 14:56 20 Jan 2004

Bought many things from them from wireless mouse to computer. Never had any problem.

  spuds 15:27 20 Jan 2004

Try the Managing Director Shiraz Jessa [email protected] perhaps he can help.

  Forum Editor 16:12 20 Jan 2004

I think it's worth remembering that this company will have thousands of customers like JerryJay (and indeed myself) who have bought from them on more than one occasion and not had a single problem.

I can well understand your frustration Zoomclub, but your post has the feel of a rant about it, and your inclusion of an external link is further proof of that. We're here to help with problems where we can, but we're not here to host rants with more than a trace of vindictiveness to them.

  Sheila-214876 17:10 20 Jan 2004

Very strange, I posted a response to this thread but it isn't there anymore. I can only assume that the FE has deleted it for reasons of his own. As far as I know it wasn't derogatory but maybe it had something to do with the Advertising Revenue that PC Advisor magazine receives? If this response gets deleted then that will obviously prove my point.

  Rayuk 17:22 20 Jan 2004

Reading your post if your 1st post wasnt derogatory this one comes close by its implications

  Forum Editor 17:34 20 Jan 2004

don't go down too well with me I'm afraid. I did delete the original thread, but those who know me better than ennuye will also know that it wasn't anything whatsoever to do with advertising.

It was to do with fairness - which is something we believe in here. The original thread incited other forum users to think twice about buying from this company, and that's something we don't allow - it's up to individuals to decide who they buy from.

We'll go to great lengths to help someone with a problem, but we will not stand for spiteful rants, and we won't be bullied by offensive and foolish comments about advertising revenue and points being proved.

  961 17:44 20 Jan 2004

Can I just say, without entering into the argument about the dealer concerned, about whom I know nothing good or bad, that the Romulus site does give a snapshot of views about retailers and manufacturers.

It must be accepted that those expressing their views may be biased one way or the other, but it is a place to start when trying to decide who to buy from. Over a long period of time I have come to the conclusion that it does provide a helpful start if you are prepared to take a balanced view of all the posts and look at the ups and down of the companies involved

I replied in some detail about advertising revenues and what advantages they bring to members of this forum on a thread about Evesham. Anyone who thinks it is a good idea to decry the magazine on that sort of basis may care to think again. Without advertising the magazine and the forums that it supports would quite simply not exist

I intend to live a long time, and part of the plan is to keep my blood pressure down.If I spent a few pounds on a mouse that was not as described, and the company procrastinated, I would put it down to experience and move on - life is too short.
For what it is worth, I have purchased from Watford Electronics in the past, and had no problems whatsoever.

  shizzy 19:03 20 Jan 2004

Whether it is a few pounds or several hundred makes no difference, firms should describe goods accurately and not be allowed to get away with bad (I could use another word) advertising as the said firm did when my brother bought a CD writer from them. He eventually got the matter sorted but had to contact the manufacturer to do so. If we put up with these practices and don't complain they will continue. When you are a pensioner every pound counts.

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