Watford electronics / savastore

  neil79 10:31 02 Feb 2007

Has anyone heard the rumours about savastore going under? Just a bit worried as i have some orders waiting to be despatched.

  Totally-braindead 10:34 02 Feb 2007

I haven't heard anything at all. These rumours may be complete rubbish of course as they often are. If you paid by credit card you are covered though, any problems and your CC company will refund you.

  neil79 10:59 02 Feb 2007

Thanks Totally-braindead i'll look into the CC option Just found this though click here

  harps1h 11:31 02 Feb 2007

i read the article which was interesting but what was more interesting was a post of JPreston on their forum

  Totally-braindead 12:02 02 Feb 2007

I have seen this sort of thing before. Sometimes its totally untrue and the company keeps running but of course sometimes its true and the company folds. I suppose all you can do is wait.
If you paid by credit card then theres no problems whatsoever regardless of what happens and subsequently no point in worrying at this point.

  wint 10:15 03 Feb 2007

Not heard any rumours like that (who knows though).

Their order & delivery service, in my opinion & experience, is very poor though.

I ordered some kit, in 2 parts, in November. The 1st bit of kit said "in stock" on the website & then changed to "due in 5 days" soon after I ordered it. It arrived about 3 weeks later, a week after the dispatch note email arrived.

The second part, an accessory showed on the website as "due in stock in 2 to 5 days" all the way from November to mid January when it suddenly showed "in stock". I checked my order on-line to discover that Savastore had cancelled my order. They couldn't explain it on the phone but did post it out straight away, it arrived the following day.

neil79, could be worth an email to customer services, they do take 4 or 5 days to reply but might give you a bit of reassurance.

  spuds 12:04 03 Feb 2007

Like a lot of these things, someone doesn't receive an item, or hasn't received an instant refund, and the company that they are dealing with are in deep trouble of 'going under'.

Nothing showing in official sources, that an administration order as been activated.

  muddypaws 12:26 04 Feb 2007

Pity if it is true. Bought my first PC from them in March '03.
No probs.
Had the innards updated by now though. Nice big box for everything to go into.

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