Watford Electronics BAD

  Frakius 16:02 08 Aug 2003

I brought a Warford electronics Precision 2200 Notebook on June 1/05/03 on the 16/07/03 it suffered a Motherboard failure for no apparent reason. Laptop was returned to them on the 17/05/03, it took them three and a half weeks to test and replace motherboard and return notebook , which i think is a long time especially when this was essential to my work, and I had only had the item for 2 and a bit months. Also getting any information from their customer services dept was like getting blood from a stone.....according to them the notebook was in testing for two weeks, my response to the technical dept who takes two weeks to test something to see whats faulty is "GET NEW JOBS". so finally I get the laptop back today 08/08/03 I boot it up to discover that my P4 2.4ghz processor is running at 1.82ghz now this may very well be just incorrect bios settings but if you are computer newbie like many this would be a difficult thing to fix and a computer newbie probably would never have realised the processor was running slow as they would not have checked the system info or run SIS Sandra.
Ok so i ring Technical support 08/08/03 at 3:15 and I a get a automated response saying no one able to help please ring back later. I try twice just to make sure....same answer from automated system. So i ring customer services who say they will get someone to ring back or email me..........i live in hope........
Anyway i would not recommend buying anything from these people. The after sales service is laughable in its uselessness.
Also we wrote to the customer services manager last week to complain and still no reply.
Hopefully people will read this and beware.
Paul Milburn

  Forum Editor 14:41 10 Aug 2003

because according to what you've written, the machine was returned to Watford on 17th May - two months before it went wrong on 16th July.

Ignoring that, the CPU multiplier may well have been incorrectly set in the BIOS (the Pentium 4 2.4Ghz multiplier is 18 on a 133 FSB). I would not recommend that you attempt to make any alteration yourself - Watford have repaired the machine, and they must be notified before you touch anything. The processor running a tad slowly isn't the absolute end of the world - irritating as it may be - and you'll obviously be on to Watford first thing on Monday morning.

  Frakius 14:33 11 Aug 2003

Sorry I will clarify dates. Laptop was purchased 1/05/03 it failed on 16/07/03 and was returned to Watford on 17/07/03 and returned to us 08/08/03.

  Cruiser814 15:38 11 Aug 2003

Have dealt with Watford since Adam was a lad, no problems whatsoever.

  sil_ver 15:58 11 Aug 2003

Your first mistake was letting them repair it.

  Frakius 16:03 11 Aug 2003

I rang Watford 11/08/03 and got to customer support after 35 minutes of holding, Helpdesk guy unable to help me said he would get manager to call me back, the managar was unable to speak to me as he was at lunch, at this stage i am still waiting for manager to ring me back, its 4pm and customer services close at 5pm.
Anyway I dig up a CDrom from a PC mag that has SIS sandra on it and install. SIS sandra seems to think that my FSB is running at 101mhz instead of 133, which would explain I guess the slow CPU speed. Now the biggest problem to this all is that a look at the bios was not encouraging i could find no settings at all related to FSB speed or multiplier speed, and i looked at every tab and hit enter on all options, the advanced screen had 4 options or so, not very advanced at all. Which makes me worried that the FSB and multipliers are all hardware switchs and not software switchable
(The Motherboard is a SIS645DX according to SIS Sandra).
So i fear that to get the Laptop running to speed again it will have to go back to Watford, and frankly the thought of losing the computer again for another "week" after already not having had it for over 3 weeks is not appealing.

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