Watford Electronics Aries Precision 1003

  ANFIELD 17:01 21 Jan 2005

Am possibly going to buy an Aries Precision 1003 notebook from Watford Electronics. Listed spec looks good, and has a Gold Award from What Laptop this month.

Has anyone had any experience with the above, or Watford Electronics in general.

  Starfox 18:11 21 Jan 2005

I can certainly recommend them click here

  MALLET 19:49 21 Jan 2005

I can certainly recommend Watford Electronics. I purchased a desk top from them for work.
After about 6 months the key board and mouse stopped working.Made a phone call to their support team who said an engineer would come to sort the problem. Two days later engineer arrived exactly the time they said he would. The problem, my trainee had forced USB mouse connection in the wrong way so shorting the mouse and key board.
Outcome was a new motherboard for NO CHARGE.
The real reason i'm impressed with W.E is I live and work in North Wales, some distance from their base.

  Charence 00:55 23 Jan 2005

I'd recommend them, I've had only 1 problem with an item I had purchased from them which was replaced quickly by the company.


  wiz-king 08:10 23 Jan 2005

I have been using Watford since about 5BC (before computers) when transistors were yellow, white, red or green spot, most of the parts for my first computer came from there.It was a kit that you bought in monthly parts..it took a month to solder up the board and test it before the next article came out. Trouble was with a few hundred of us making them we used to wipe out the entire UK stock of ic's in one order.
Those were the days! No hard drive, all stored on tape or 51/4 floppy, programs of 5K (not M's or G's) written in octal or hex. Ooo I'm getting all nostalgic.

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