Watch Out For Fake Alliance & Leicester Email.

  Big L 266 14:26 10 Jun 2010


A few minutes ago,(14.15 hours)I saw an email sitting in my in box with the header "Alliance & leicester Bank Plc 2010 CUSTOMER UPDATE".

On clicking to read the email, it said to follow the link to update customer details. My McAfee Site Advisor kicked in and warned me it wasn't what it seemed and made me think twice before proceeding further.

On investigation the email has both the Santander & Alliance & Leicester logos but appears that both are now owned by Nationwide. The account number given is nowhere near accurate but the fact is I nearly clicked on the link.I did hover my cursor over parts of the email and it certainly didn't originate from them.

I have forwarded it to the Alliance & Leicester suspicious emails department (yes,it does exist) and told them all about it.

So if you are,like me,a customer of Santander & Alliance & Leicester,please be very wary that this email really isn't what it seems and don't click on the link.

Hope this helps.

Big L 266

  onthelimit 15:17 10 Jun 2010

Banks will NEVER ask for that sort of information. There are dozens of these emails about - I get several a week.

  Big L 266 15:23 10 Jun 2010


onthelimit....Absolutely right. This is the first time I've ever had one of them in nearly three years of internet banking. Its a shame there isn't a device us computer users could use to send something extremely nasty back to the originator.

Big L 266

  wids001 15:51 10 Jun 2010

I seem to get these all the time, but never from my own bank! Only yesterday I received one perporting to be from the Halifax. Aparently my account had been suspended - I have never, ever banked with the Halifax!

  Clapton is God 16:07 10 Jun 2010

"Its a shame there isn't a device us computer users could use to send something extremely nasty back to the originator"

But there is. It's called a little bit of thought, 10 fingers and a keyboard

  dagbladet 18:04 10 Jun 2010

"But there is. It's called a little bit of thought, 10 fingers and a keyboard"

Tempting I agree. Best though just to delete, else you are confirming as a 'live' e-mail address. I've had loads. Delete every time.

  morddwyd 20:21 10 Jun 2010

Get half a dozen a week, mostly picked up by my spam filter.

The people that send these out probably send out several million a week, automatically.

Bouncing them back just gives them a live e-mail address to sell on to similar nefarious individuals.

I not only get them from banks, but also from the IMF and the FBI!

  Big L 266 07:57 11 Jun 2010


Its quite novel for me to get something like this but IMF and FBI? Thats really something!I put the email address it came from into my 'sin bin' and deleted it.

I did copy the whole thing to A&L but didn't hear from them.I guess its the volume of them that must get every day that precludes a reply.

Now where the one I had from the Nigerian Space Flight Centre.....

All the best.

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 13:56 11 Jun 2010

you know even upto now i still havent banked online, yet i do have the facility, i just dont use it

  TipTop20 15:30 11 Jun 2010

I always bank online it is just so much more convenient. But i also get a lot of these email, never from my own bank though. They always state that someone has been trying to log into my account and they need to clairify my details.

  Forum Editor 17:16 12 Jun 2010

circulate in their millions, and have done so for several years. You are extremely lucky not to have seen one before - most of us have received enough to paper every wall in the house.

As has already been pointed out, no bank will ever ask you to update your bank account access details via an email or a phone call - not ever, under any circumstances.

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