Watch out for cheap Mobos in Novatech PC's

  Midsman2005 15:30 23 Aug 2005

Thought about buying a pc from Novatech a couple of times...but both times when I have contacted them the motherboards have been extremely low grade.

Just thought I would let everyone know that when buying a pc from Novatech, just be aware that the motherboard might be of the lowest possible standard.

Probably not noticeable for office type PC's....but the 3d gamers out there would be dissapointed.

  sunny staines 15:39 23 Aug 2005

I noticed that info on the boards on their web site was sparse when it came to features as i was going to pop in when i was next down that way for more info on the boards.

I am surprised as I have always had good gear from them, not yet tried the motherboard packs.

  Midsman2005 15:51 23 Aug 2005

I am certainly not knocking novatech one bit.

They are often much cheaper than anywhere else.

And their service is usually very good.

But on their "system solutions" the mobos are very very poor indeed.

just thought I would let everyone know so that if they are considering buying a system from novatech...just check what the mobo is!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 23 Aug 2005

I have had many computers with 'low grade' mobos and they have all worked excellently. Could you enlighten me as to how these mobos are so bad and the evidence for their naffness?


  dave_and_confused 18:32 23 Aug 2005

... not all PC buyers are "Powerusers" and can get along quite happilly with "low grade" Mobos.

GANDALF <|:-)>- i'm assuming they are not very upgradable and have older chipsets....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:52 23 Aug 2005

'I'm assuming they are not very upgradeable and have older chipsets' will find that the VAST majority of users have no inclination or need to 'upgrade' their mobos. I have never upgraded one in my life as there has never been the need to. To damn mobos because they cannot be upgraded is ludicrous.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:53 23 Aug 2005

Where is my anorak? /eyes raise


  dave_and_confused 18:56 23 Aug 2005

Where is my anorak? /eyes raise


I've just re-read Midsman2005's last line "Probably not noticeable for office type PC's....but the 3d gamers out there would be dissapointed."

True but that's that same with anything you buy. Bread, cars, holidays, magzines....

  Totally-braindead 19:04 23 Aug 2005

Midsman2005 I am extremely interested in what you say. Can I ask where you got your information from and on what basis you make this claim. I admit the boards may not be the highest standard with the most features but you look at the price you pay. It seems to me that you want the newest chipset by the best manufacturer with the most features at the low price they charge for their bundles, which is ridiculous.

Novatech are the only supplier I have dealt with that I have never had a problem with. Are you saying the motherboards are rubbish and will fail?

  Happy Soul 19:07 23 Aug 2005

It's all relative. When I ordering everything from Novatech to build a PC, the info said the board would take up to 2.6 Gig Maximum.

Had I chosen the 2.6 Gig then yes, I would not have been able to upgrade and some would have rubbished the board.

However, I decided on the 2.0 Gig Pentium 4 which I could, if I wished, upgrade at a later date.

As I started, it's all relative.

  jack 19:42 23 Aug 2005

With MoBo's like other basic elements what is good what is bad?
I have this last month installed a Novatech 64 bundle. In the spec the MoBo was not mentioned just
the CPU reference.
What arrived was a Foxxconn Winfast K8S 755a
Is this a good 'un? It was only this last week I even noticed and advert for Foxconn components.
I works perfectly well, No issues what so ever over this, though a problem reported to them suggested the memory was duff, which they changed without question.

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