Waste Ink Tank for Epson Printer

  Fishbox 14:13 28 Nov 2008

I've been thinking of fitting a waste ink tank to my Epson R220 printer for some time but haven't got around to getting the bits & pieces for a DIY version.
I found a very neat kit at click here which was easy to fit,with clear instructions available and excellent customer support should you need it.The kit includes a valve to vent ink and air.
Yes,I know you can make an effective device yourself for a fraction of the cost,but for those not so inclined,this is ideal.There are versions for other printer models.
The seller also has an eBay shop.
I have no connection with this firm,financial or otherwise.

  oldbeefer2 14:31 28 Nov 2008

Not sure forum rules allow this sort of advertising!

  Fishbox 15:46 28 Nov 2008

Apologies.I'm sure it will be removed if it transgresses.I am merely a satisfied customer.
The last line of my post states clearly my position.

  Stuartli 16:41 28 Nov 2008

I've posted this several times before:

click here

  Fishbox 19:37 28 Nov 2008

Yes,I've had a good look at this and some similar ideas on other websites.
I took the easy but more costly option!!

  Noels 19:02 29 Nov 2008

I'm now on my second Epson stylus Photo R800 and would happily buy another for their photo print quality. I use it with a quality CISS system. When I was talking to the CISS suppliers the other day they told me that many users never turn their printers off as Epson printers run through the head cleaning routine every time switched on and off using a lot of ink in a relatively short time (in my case 2yrs) & quickly fills up the ink reservoir.As I use mine for photo printing every day it now stays switched on 24/7.I look forward to finding out if there is any real saving.

  Stuartli 21:21 29 Nov 2008

I've often mentioned in these forums that my Epson R300 is switched on permanently to avoid the unnecessary and wasteful cleaning routine.

  Noels 22:14 29 Nov 2008

Sorry for missing your posts. The problem is that I only read and take in what is relevant at a particular time.

  rdave13 22:30 29 Nov 2008

Same as Stuartli, printer always on standby. Heck it's the 'green' thing to do, otherwise the printer goes ahead with the head cleaning routine.
Similarly the router stays on as it uses next to nothing. Rebooting router takes a microcosm more of energy as I can see it with the flickering lights!!!! OMG. :{

  Fishbox 12:28 30 Nov 2008

I also leave my printer on.
My Netgear modem-router tends to get hot if left on even when set up in the vertical plane,so tend to switch it off if I'm unlikely to be using the system for some time.
For the printer,avoiding the hassle of unblocking jets on a lightly used unit is worthwhile.I also print a nozzle check every few days.(A drift off topic,but relevant,I hope).

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