Warranty support and Consumer rights

  [DELETED] 12:02 17 Dec 2003

I had a new PC delivered last Friday from MESH. I set it upon saturday and it did not work. They promise 24/7 days email support so I emailed straight away. I had no response by Monday am so I phoned tech. support.After a while they decided it would need a site visit. "Someone" would phone me to arrange a time. When would they make the site visit? I asked. Sometime in the next 2-3 days. That time has now elapsed and not even a phone call to arrange a site visit. I have told them that I feel like demanding a refund. They have told me that I must put that in words mail or fax, not email- and await their verdict. I feel agrieved. What are my rights. Can I insist they collect it and get a refund? I thought this was a reputable company!

  [DELETED] 12:19 17 Dec 2003

I would wait until Thursday. 2-3 days usually means 'working days'.


  [DELETED] 13:49 17 Dec 2003

Telephone your local council Trading Standards Office - they are usually very helpful and give sound advice. Sometimes they will take action against suppliers if they have had a lot of complaints.

  [DELETED] 14:22 17 Dec 2003

We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service we provide.

We advertise 24/7 support via our Online Helpdesk. Here you can find F.A.Q.'s as well as other helpful information about our products. If you are unable to find the answer you seek there, you are able to use the Online Helpdesk to request assistance.

If you could possibly email your serial/order number to me at [email protected], and include your screen name, I would be happy to look into this further in order to offer further assistance.

MESH Support

  [DELETED] 18:21 17 Dec 2003

You have been reasonable and given Mesh the opportunity to put right the problems.

You might be willing to give them another chance on the above email address. (But see below!)

But if the system doesn't work and is faulty, you are perfectly entitled to reject it and demand a full refund.

One solution which would be reasonable is to make clear to Mesh that you will give them this one final chance to get the machine working properly, say within 5 working days. If they do not do so, for whatever reason, you will immediately reject the machine and expect a full and immediate refund. I would suggest that you make that a 'condition' of allowing their on-site visit.

Do not return the machine to them for them to examine to decide if it is faulty. If they wish an on-site visit to confirm the fault they can arrange, and pay for that. Once a machine is 'away' there is no way anybody can know what is being done to it!

I suggest that whatever route you decide on you should confirm the details by fax and registered letter as well as by email/phone.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

  [DELETED] 16:36 18 Dec 2003

Many thanks to all who contributed to this thread. I received a personal email from Technical Support apologising and promising to get things moving. An Engineer is now comin next Monday and I have accepted this on the condition that the machine is then repaired on site.

What a useful service ConsumerWatch is!
Thanks to PC Advisor.


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