Warranty issue

  soy 22:20 06 May 2003


Just wondering, would a PC warranty be void if I changed the case?

I'm contemplating building a PC and thinking about putting on a new case to replace my drab beige Evesham one. I will use the Evesham case as a starting block of building a new PC for a family member.

The original Inards and configuration will still stay the same just the outside won't. I still have 2 and a bit years left on my warranty.

Have emailed Evesham and waiting for response.

I justed wanted to post here to see what you guys think.

  Altair 22:25 06 May 2003

Changing your pc in any shape or form WILL invalidate your warrantee.

  Steve27 22:37 06 May 2003

I have an Evesham Machine 20 months old. I have changed my Graphics Card and Sound Card, added more memory, changed the OS, added a TV Card, NIC Card, Dab Radio Card, the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Modem and Speakers have also all been changed.

I had no problem when the CD RW Failed it took a couple of days for them to come out and swap it for a new better one.

  Steve27 22:51 06 May 2003

Sorry pressed post too early I also added a second hard drive.

Meant to add that my computer was still recognisably an Evesham I don't know how far you have to go till this is no longer the case

  H-J 23:08 06 May 2003

I agree with Altair. I think it will invalidate things. however, it they are willing to waiver the conditions, make sure you get it in writing proper, as I am not sure of the legal status of an email as being proof of anything.

Personally, I wouldnt bother. the only time I ever look at the case is to make sure I am putting discs in the right drive. I spend the rest of the time looking at the screen, But I can appreciate that looks are important to some people.

Each to their own, I suppose.


  spuds 00:45 07 May 2003

Check your terms and conditions or contact the original warranty supplier for further guidance. I had a Tempo warranty, which has now been taken over by PC World. In both cases the warranty clearly states, that I can make any alterations or modifications without invalidating the warranty. The only clause that PC World now stipulates, is that any alterations or modifications that I make, will not have cover on the item[s] that I change from the original warranty specification.All the original items would still covered.

  Patr100 01:38 07 May 2003

Changing the case or "in any shape or form" certainly wouldn't necessarily invalidate the warranty. They are meant to be upgradeable.If a part fails from the original system provided your modification isn't a direct result of it failing then each part is usually covered by individual manufacturer warranties anyway.

  soy 10:50 07 May 2003


Just called Evesham Customer care. They said that changing/upgrading the PC is ok, but any only the original parts will be covered. Any damage as a result of the upgrade won't be covered anymore.

So it looks like i'm ok to change the case. Just gotta be careful not to damgage the components when transfering them.

Thanks to everyone for replying.

John T

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