Warranty Issue.

  Giantsquid 13:10 02 Sep 2003

What grounds have I got with this (if any)
2 years and 5 months into a 3 year return to base warranty my Monitor went Bang, manfacturer picked it up and fixed it no prob's.
Last week same problem happened again, but this time it was just out of warranty but it was the exact same problem, my question is: should the new components that they installed be guarenteed for say 12 month's ? which would make my Monitor still in Warranty as its less than 12 months since they fixed it ?

Any idea's ?

  Patr100 13:44 02 Sep 2003

Unfortunately , inconvenient though it may be, a repair is unlikely to entitle you to an extension to the warranty period for the monitor , which in effect is what appears to be the issue here, even if an individual part has been replaced and may have failed.

  plankton 13:53 02 Sep 2003

The only way to find out is to ask them. If you have a copy of the fix note quote that to them.

  carver 14:03 02 Sep 2003

If the same problem has occurred then the original repair is not of a satisfactory quality. Any repair that is carried out under warranty must last a reasonable amount of time and if it is the same problem as before, then the component that has been replaced must have a warranty and that should last 12 months.Find out what part failed the first time and then check which part has failed this time, if it's the same part then you have a case for the manufacture to replace it.

  Giantsquid 14:42 02 Sep 2003

Well the problem here is sticky one,
When they fixed the first problem I had no way of knowing what they had done to fix it, the courier just installed the Monitor and off he went.

After a call to tell them that the same problem had happened again (yesterday)she enlightened me to the fact that the warranty had gone, and that I could send the Monitor back to them at my own expense and this would include a fix of the problem starting at £50 quid (at least)
I asked her what repair they had done last year, she said that on her screen she had 3 components that they replaced, but as the problem is the same(in my book) they could if they want give me any old tosh and say that it was something major this time, bye the way the components 'she said' was a R523,Q509 and a Q507 but she could not tell me what these were, for all I know they could be fuses or diodes etc, not a expensive item like a ray tube or whatever, thanks for the reply's,

  carver 14:59 02 Sep 2003

First thing is what make of monitor, then find address for same, phone them and ask for technical department and quote ref no's given, this will give you a starting point to work from. The part no's she gave you should also have a description of the part so ask again and if she can't help ask for someone who can. Be polite but firm when asking for this information because you are entitled to know what parts have been replaced in your Monitor

  Giantsquid 15:06 02 Sep 2003

Will do tomorrow morning,


  spuds 19:50 02 Sep 2003

Would also suggest that you have a word with your local trading standards.A one year/three year warranty doesn't always mean the manufacturer as the sole right to reject past repair failures.

  Come On You Greens 16:40 03 Sep 2003

I think you will find that if a manufacturer repairs a product whether it be inside the original 12 months or an extended warranty period you will only get a 3 month warranty on the parts that they have repaired. As it is now outside of the warranty period i'm not too sure you will get anywhere but would contact the manufacturer directly and see what they say. Unfortunately due to the low prices of monitors now a days it works out cheaper to get a brand new monitor with a brand new 12 month warranty.

  Giantsquid 18:31 03 Sep 2003

After having a word about the problem with the Trading Standards they have told me to contact the manufacturer again as it IS their problem to sort out not mine, they even gave me a nuber to pass on to Mits..... and asked that they ring if they do not accept the liability.
It appears that the replaced parts have not given me satisfactory service (something like that) and as such it is (in the Trading Standards eyes)still under warranty !
It all depends on the fact that the fault is the origional one and the repair has not cured the problem, to me I would have thought that I had little chance of any luck with this, but the Trading Standards are adamant that I have a case, so I will now go with them and see where it get's me, thanks to all I'll keep you posted,

  Giantsquid 18:49 07 Sep 2003

Went to Misubishi with the knowledge that the Trading Standards go along with me on this issue, after much talk about the problem being the same one, the good lady said (because you have not shouted at me !) we are willing to fix the monitor for you on this occasion so Bingo I got a result, it goes to show that if you use manners and are willing to listen to both sides of the argument without threatening the person on the other end of the phone you can get a successful outcome, maybe not all the time but just sometimes,
I have had a good weekend on the back of this.

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