cara 01:20 10 Aug 2003

Not strictly related to computers, but the principle may apply...

Are 'manufacturers warranties' transferable to successive buyers/owners? We are purchasing an item which has over 1 year of the manufacturers warranty left, but have been told it does not apply?


  Mango Grummit 04:06 10 Aug 2003

With many items some are transferable, some are not, depending on the manufacturer. To find out you will need to read the terms and conditions of the warranty for yourself.

  cara 10:25 10 Aug 2003

Interestingly, although the paperwork is extensive, any reference to the warranty is missing.

Maybe I am just being cynical, but it does seem a good opportunity for the dealer to sell his own warranty.

I will contact the manufacturer - they are currently closed for 3 weeks.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 11:35 10 Aug 2003

will almost certainly not apply to goods if they are sold before the warranty expires - i.e. it's not transferable.

In most cases, manufacturers ask original purchasers to register the warranty when they buy the goods, and they'll have that name and address on file. Once resold the goods are obviously second-hand.

Some makers may well agree to honour the balance of a warranty, but you'll have to speak to them as you say.

  cara 12:15 10 Aug 2003

And yet car warranties are transferable? (In my case I am referring to a caravan).

  Steven135 12:54 10 Aug 2003

Evesham agreed to transfer the remaining final years warranty to my daughter when I gave her my last PC.

  cara 12:36 12 Aug 2003

Spoken to the manufacturer and indeed the warranty is still transferable with over a year to go.

The dealer must know this, but withheld this info, trying to sell me additional warranty. Very naughty.

Thanks for the replies.

  tenaka 16:30 12 Aug 2003

Depends what you are talking about doesn't it?

If i buy a pc from pcworld and then sell it on 6 months later, the warranty would not be transferable. But the hard drive warranty is.

So the dealer was wrong? no because as a whole the pc warranty is *not* transferable, the individual components may however have a separate warranty with their individual manufacturers.

It really depends i suppose on what product you are talking about cara. There is quite a lot of variation depending on the product you are talking about.

  achilles 09:38 20 Aug 2003

The principle is that a contract is made between the seller and buyer. Variations to that relationship have to be agreed by both parties. So if do get your seller to agree to transfer the contract you bought to someone else, that's a gesture of goodwill on their part. In most cases it's also good customer relationship management.

The law is heading forchange to allow for transfer (birthday gifts etc) but at the moment its firmly on the side of the seller-if they don't want to honour their warranty with a new owner they don't have to.

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