warning barclaycard

  ronalddonald 21:14 29 Jan 2010

can seriously put you into debt. Can i advertise what i just wrote in my car window, in my front window of my dwellings and ask my friend to do the same.

Reason, i paid of all i owed to them and they still charged me interest from the date i paid it at the bank and the date they received the payment. I paid of the interest and was told my balance will now be £0.00 however in principle i feel i have been cheated and have canceled my account with them. I would like to get back at them. So i thought the more people i tell, from all walks of life that barclaycard can seriously place you in debt

  rdave13 21:22 29 Jan 2010

" i paid of all i owed to them and they still charged me interest from the date i paid it at the bank and the date they received the payment"
That sounds reasonable to me.
You are ususally notified by which date to 'pay it in to the bank' so the debt is cleared before interest is again calculated for the next payment.

  Forum Editor 23:19 29 Jan 2010

Revenge may be a tempting prospect, but think for a moment - get back at them for what?

Barclaycard charged interest on the debt up to the point they received your payment, which is a perfectly understandable policy. There's no reason why they should cease applying interest at the moment you make a payment to the bank.

Imagine you owe me money, and I'm charging you interest on the loan. Instead of handing your payment to me you give it to a mutual friend, and ask him to hand it to me. He doesn't do so until he sees me next, a week later. Are you seriously suggesting that I should stop charging interest on the day you gave the money to our friend?

Barclaycard did not 'seriously place you in debt' - you did that yourself, and you have no justification for saying otherwise. You certainly have no grounds for complaining about the Barclaycard service.

  BT 07:59 30 Jan 2010

If you read the small print I think you will find that this is how things are done by most Credit Card issuers

  anchor 08:36 30 Jan 2010

The FE has hit the nail on the head.

The same conditions would apply with any CC company not just Barclaycard. It takes 2 to 3 working days for money to get into an account, and I assume this is the period for which you have been charged interest.

  morddwyd 09:08 30 Jan 2010

Happened to me last month.

I was a day late.

I was annoyed, but with myself.

I knew the terms, and the penalty for not meeting them.

It's nice of them to lend me money without interest charges.

The least I can do is pay it back when I'm asked to.

  hssutton 09:26 30 Jan 2010

Not sure if ronaldonald has phrased is comments correctly.

My wife had a similar problem several months ago. Even though the debt had been cleared well in advance of the due date (approx 3 weeks), BarclayCard still imposed interest charges.

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  ol blueeyes 09:31 30 Jan 2010

I am glad I am not alone. I pay off my debt on Barclaycard in FULL every month by Direct Debit. But every month they were telling me i had not paid the Minimum Payment therefore I would get a bad Credit rating
Obviously I challenged them eachtime and they agreed that there was a fault in their system which was being corrected.

After the 3rd happening I went elsewhere.

Oh! yes there was £90 on the bill that wasn't mine and I am still waiting for them to take off

  alB 11:40 30 Jan 2010

I've had my Barclaycard for a good few years, I always make sure my payment reaches them at least a week before the due date, never had a problem yet ...alB

  Pine Man 12:02 30 Jan 2010

I pay the full amount by direct debit. No problems with remembering the date or the post failing to deliver.

  Arnie 15:01 30 Jan 2010

ronalddonald has mentioned Barclay.
Only yesterday I was looking at a Which? Review relating to credit card customer satisfaction.
This survey was between March and July 2009

John Lewis/Waitrose (sample size of 791) for 88% customer satisfaction.

Barclays/Barclaycard (sample size of 1203) for 58% customer satisfaction.

I’m pleased to see that Nationwide, my credit card issuer did quite well.

The list: click here

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