Warning: Amazon guarantees worthless on Marketplace

  incognitii 21:18 13 Feb 2012

Warning: Neither Amazon nor Credit Card Companies will compensate for losses on purchases on Amazon Marketplace (Three-Cornered Transactions)

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  birdface 22:36 13 Feb 2012

Never came out right.

  birdface 22:39 13 Feb 2012

Mesh today.Amazon tonight.Can't wait to see what it is tomorrow.

  incognitii 22:41 13 Feb 2012

@buteman - if the link is difficult - highlight the whole string and click to open link

  incognitii 22:44 13 Feb 2012

.... and if it only takes you to the Deals Forum Index read this topic:

Warning * Coach and Horses through consumer protection @ Amazon Marketplace

  Forum Editor 23:27 13 Feb 2012

I confess that I have some concerns about the relationship between the parties involved in an Amazon marketplace transaction.

I have spent some time recently advising a client who has experienced a real problem over an item that was purchased from an Amazon marketplace trader. Essentially both the trader and Amazon have failed to show any interest in resolving the matter, and the client has resorted to the manufacturer - a large, internationally known brand name.

I'm currently looking into the details of how the law applies to the arrangement between the 3 parties to an Amazon marketplace transaction, and as yet I can't comment with any degree of authority. I will offer an opinion though, as soon as I know more.

In the meantime I would like to avoid any repetition of the allegation that Amazon's guarantees are worthless in this context.

  morddwyd 07:47 14 Feb 2012

I must say, from the other side, that I have had one or-two problems with Marketplace traders and Amazon have always resolved the issue within 24 hours.

  incognitii 08:51 14 Feb 2012

@ Forum Editor: Re your comment on my Amazon marketplace post: Unable to contact you by by link at top of page - hence public post. I cannot find any way to edit my post, so if your legal umbrella is making you nervous, I suggest you edit my post heading by deleting the word 'worthless' and placing inverted commas around the word "guarantees", or even just by adding "?" to the end...........

  spuds 12:27 14 Feb 2012

I have a number of weekly/monthly deals with Amazon MarketPlace traders (mainly CD's, DVD's, books), and have done so over a number of years. Like morddwyd, if I have had any problems,which have been very few, the matter as been resolved very quickly and amicably. Either through the seller or Amazon.

You say "losses on purchases", would you want to expand on this, as to what the actual problems were. Perhaps some of us had had something similar?.

  finerty 14:04 14 Feb 2012

This is from the above link

I have a letter from NatWest regarding a credit card transaction. It states that section 75 of the relevant act (the bit that protects your purchase using a credit card) does not apply because there is no debtor-creditor-supplier relationship. This is because my son-in-law paid Amazon by credit card for goods supplied by an Amazon market place trader (who subsequently went bust). this is, however, the way that you pay by credit card when you use the market place. You pay Amazon and they pay the supplier. The argument being used by NatWest is totally generic. It is telling you that there is no credit card protection on the market place when paid through Amazon. This makes the market place a very dangerous place for consumers and I would advise anyone against using the marketplace unless the FSA. who I am contacting, step in and make it clear to the credit card companies that this is unacceptable sharp practice. I have to say that Amazon were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when my Son-in-law contacted them on the matter.

Well how fascinating. I have just been phoned by Amazon and after half an hour it was clear that I was being given the brush off. They did not want to know and they admitted that the 'Amazon cover' was very limited and they were certainly not going to do anything in this matter. For a company that boasts of its consumer protection stance this was absolutely laughable.

If you buy on market place and get shafted then do not say you have not been warned.

I have just been on the the FSO who were somewhat taken aback by the NATWest letter disclaiming liability. They are going to investigate. What they did not say was that NatWest were necessarily wrong in their interpretation but they did agree that if it stands then it runs a huge coach and horse through the consumer protection legislation.

Basically we would be back to 'CAVEAT EMPTOR' - let the buyer beware.

  incognitii 14:33 14 Feb 2012

@Spuds - quite a few examples in the link I gave:


Read This thread: Warning * Coach and Horses through consumer protection @ Amazon Marketplace (3 pages)

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