a warning about staples cover plan

  matthewryan2k 10:36 21 Feb 2009

thought i would bring to light the utter failure of the Staples cover plan (2 years extended warranty).

My HP Pavillion dv9655ea notebook stopped working properly: when you turn it on it comes up with a white screen with lines running down it which eventually fades to black. Sometimes it works as normal but then there is a chance of glitched screen with crazy flashing colours. Other then the visual issue you can hear that it is starting up as normal so i assume its working fine other then the visuals. So i had it sent off to be repaired for 2 weeks (the amount of time they said it would be, so no problems there) got it back and it is exactly the same damn problem as before: they didnt fix it!

So i can see they put on a new screen (there was an issue with a few red lines on the screen but they disappeared a few minutes after turning it on so i wasn't worried about that). When i picked it up the store clerk said it was tested and passed but i get home and try it and the white screen problem still happens (on and off i might add). So somehow their testing passed it despite this major and rather obvious problem.

When i took it back i said it was probably the graphics card but the repairs guys obviously ignored this fact even though it was written in the "possible problem" section of the form sent off with it.

Phoned up the cover plan people and they want me to send it off again for another 2 weeks, which is a major inconvenience since i'm in my last year of uni and really need it now for all my work- tehy failed in fixing it and the last 2 weeks have been too long without it and another 2 weeks is just not acceptable.

Went back to Staples last night and talked to the manager who was very helpful, he contacted them but the cover plan people seem to be complete aholes about it. Being the weekend now the cover plan offices are closed so i have to wait till monday to hear back from the manager of Staples, except i had to travel 2 hours on the train from uni to pick it up and have to go back before the weekend is up.

Any advice where i stand on this. I refuse to have to wait another 2 weeks for something they obviously failed to see, and i paid £250 for the poor quality of the cover plan, not to mention it has cost about £30 to travel back and forth to hand it in for repair, then pick it up again; plus the work i have been unable to do because of a lack of a laptop. thanks for any help you can offer me

  spuds 11:48 21 Feb 2009

We all have problems with various products, and I suppose Staples are treating your problem in a normal and routine manner regarding a repair procedure. To the tech people, your uni work or travel arrangements are of very little concern, unless you have made this in a form of complaint to the manager, who you stated "was very helpful".Having a cover plan can be beneficial if the terms and condition are right, but at the same time they can have disadvantages regarding priority of fixing.The working hours and procedures are governed by company arrangements.

You do not seem to mention the age of the notebook, and whether you have had previous problems since purchase. The manager does seem to have taken interest in a quick resolution, and you will have to wait another day, after they have received information themselves.

Remember though, if a replacement is offered or a repair procedure is undertaken (as was previously), then you may lose all your work, if you do not have back-ups.Staples or the repair agents will not be held responsible for this, and no doubt this is in their terms and conditions!.

More information as to your consumer rights click here

  matthewryan2k 12:08 21 Feb 2009

hi, thanks for the reply. the notebook was bought january 2008 so it's not particularly old, and this is the first problem i have had with it since then. personaly i was hoping i can just get a new one as all my work that i need is backed up as that would mean not having to wait 2 weeks.

I just cant understand how that in 2 weeks they could not even identify a major problem such as the graphics card being broken (i believe as a cause of overheating since the temp usualy goes up to 80degrees during my normal use of it), and that all their "tests" can pass it as fine!

next time i'll try and go somewhere with a more reliable cover plan repair service

  oresome 18:07 21 Feb 2009

Your notebook had developed two faults. One of them has been diagnosed and repaired. The other has been missed, possibly because of the intermittent nature of the fault.

These things happen and are annoying, but it's fortunate that you have an extended warranty.

Why do you have to travel to the store? Can't the item be picked up from your residence or you post direct to the repairer?

If you want a service level that is very quick, compensates you for loss of use and travel expenditure and replaces the computer the first time the fault isn't fixed, I've no doubt someone could provide it, if enough customers were prepared to pay the premium. I expect it would be cheaper to buy a second notebook though.

  MAJ 18:47 21 Feb 2009

Extended warranty? The fault should be covered by your standard consumer rights, take it back to where you bought it and get them to repair/replace it.

  matthewryan2k 11:04 18 Mar 2009

Finally got this laptop back after 5 weeks and a new screen and motherboard/gpu put in. However, it seems to be running a lot slower then before. As a measurement, my anti-virus runs a check every morning that used to take about 30mins to finish. Aftetr being repaired it is taking over 2 hours to complete it. Also i tried burning files to a dvd and it just seems to get stuck and the laptop keeps making repetitive crunching sounds.

Can anyone please tell me what the issue could be, and what those idiot repair people could have done to make it like this. thanks

  Kevscar1 20:31 18 Mar 2009

How can you be sure it was idiot repair people and not someone transporting it from them who dropped it.

  matthewryan2k 09:10 19 Mar 2009

would dropping it really make the laptop run slow?

  dagnammit 02:11 21 Mar 2009

"Also i tried burning files to a dvd and it just seems to get stuck and the laptop keeps making repetitive crunching sounds."

Hard Drive?

  curofone 08:45 21 Mar 2009

hey matthewryan2k no idea if you already done this but if you have had the mobo replaced then you really need to run a recovery on the machine (reinstall windows) by either using the disks supplied or accessing the hard drive based recovery, This tends not to be done when being repaired.

I use to work in a support call centre and it is very common for a machine not to run that great after having the mobo replaced and i have also had the mobo replaced on one of my own laptops and it was really slow and kept freezing untill i reinstalled windows

  matthewryan2k 09:29 21 Mar 2009

oh great, thanks. i was surprised when i got it back and it still had all my files installed. i'll give that a go- though im not looking forward to reinstalling everything but if it has to be done well that's tough.

Saying that, im only guessing it has had a new motherboard put in because tehy dont bother to give me any information on what was repaired, what the fault was, why it stopped working etc... You think it would make sense for them to tell you just so you might be able to avoid the problem in the future (though the problem is probably caused by overheating anyway)

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