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Wanting to buy a Netbook, advice appreciated!

  gazmix 18:49 17 Jan 2012


I'm wanting to buy a Netbook! I've seen one in my local cash converters for £149. I can't recall the make off by heart, will post back to tell specs, but i know it has 160G HD, 1G RAM ( i think).

I don't like touch screens, just like the mini laptop style. What are the pro's & cons!

I am also living in a city center, so i guess i may be in a free wifi hotspot! Does this mean that in my flat i won't need a mobile internet dongle or BT connection.



  canarieslover 21:44 17 Jan 2012

Unless you really only want it to access the web and email then think about a small laptop instead. Netbooks are pretty slow for anything at all serious. If its in Cash converters for £149 you can reckon that they only gave about £50 for it so you will be just as well off looking on eBay as you will not get a warranty from Cash Converters.

  gazmix 11:54 18 Jan 2012

ok thanks!, i thought a netbook was a small laptop?, what is the difference?

i will post a little later the make as i've only seen it in the window, it may even be a small laptop!

Is there no warranty/guarantee at all at cash converters?

  gazmix 13:30 18 Jan 2012

Emailing & browsing the net & youtube is all i would need it for as i have a pc set up somewhere else!

I will post later the make & model & specs of this item i have seen!

  gazmix 17:17 18 Jan 2012

Ok, i have visited the shop & checked out the 2 that i've had my eye on.

An Emachines 350 with Windows XP, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HD, Intel Atom CPU that is £149.99.

also they have a Netbook with a minor fault in that when you move the screen, occasionally it goes white, maybe a faulty wire & the function key is not working. This is a Samsung NC10 with 250GB HD & 1Gb RAM at £90.. This looks nice & i saw it in action & the issue with the screen hardly occurs & maybe is fixable for a minimal cost!

I'd appreciate any help & will check back tomorrow.


  canarieslover 18:20 18 Jan 2012

If you are certain that you really want a netbook you could look on Argos eBay site Argos eBay where they have refurbished netbooks with a 12 month guarantee and around the £150 that you are looking to spend.

  gazmix 13:53 19 Jan 2012

I will have a look on argos ebay site later, i just wondered if anyone could recomend one of the above models i mentioned.

Is the argos site a 'buy now' or 'bid' site.


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