Want a TFT? Choose AOC!

  Djohn 13:26 06 Sep 2004

We have heard problems with TFT manufactures laying down strict guidelines regarding faulty pixels or any fault with the display. I have had my AOC 17" LM720 for approximately eighteen months now without any fault whatsoever but of late I notice other TFT's seemed to have a wider angle of view.

Thursday morning I phoned AOC to enquire if the newer models where better in this respect and informed they were. I was chatting with the engineer and although I did not consider my monitor to have a fault, he thought that a later manufactured panel may be slightly better and arranged a swap out for Friday morning. That alone is excellent service, swapping a monitor when there may not even be a fault, and within 24 hours!

The new monitor failed arrive on Friday but this morning [Monday] instead. On booting up it was exactly the same, I phoned AOC thanked them and explained it was not a fault but the design of the panel having a viewing angle of 125 degrees. They apologised that the swap out had not met my expectations explaining that a newer model, [727] with a viewing angle of 140 degrees would suit me better.

I said, "Yes it would, I'll start saving for one." I apologised for putting them to any trouble and mentioned that it had only arrived this morning and that was the reason I had not phoned them sooner.

They were concerned as to why the monitor had not arrived on the Friday as promised by themselves and if the driver had given any reason for the delay. I replied that the driver was in such a hurry I hadn't even time to say good morning to him, let alone ask any questions.

"Can you be in tomorrow morning Mr. D." "Yes, I replied" "There will be a new monitor delivered in the morning, the new updated model with better specifications to compensate for the trouble you've been put to and improve your viewing pleasure of our products."

What more can I say except, outstanding service from AOC, they deserve as much free advertising as this forum and Magazine will allow.

  byfordr 15:20 06 Sep 2004

Got 2 AOC monitors and have nothing but praise for them. No faults so far!


  sidecar sid 20:31 06 Sep 2004

Definitely service well above and beyond the call,
I do hope you will let us know if the new monitor
Arrives tomorrow and your thoughts on its performance
And quality (that’s if you are not to busy charming the
Birds out of the trees)


  accord 20:50 06 Sep 2004


either you were very lucky or its standard AOC policy.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 21:47 06 Sep 2004

I wonder if Philips will do the same when my TFT is eighteen months old?

  Djohn 22:37 06 Sep 2004

This is the one I have now. click here still a current model and this is the one arriving tomorrow. click here

One interesting thing we were talking about was this new EC ruling on duty concerning DVI connections on monitors. From now on all their monitors will arrive with a blanking plate over the DVI socket due to the fact that if they leave it active it will attract a 14% import duty!

  spuds 22:48 06 Sep 2004

Djohn.. I notice that the replacement as inbuilt speakers. A friend of mine as a similar AOC TFT and we were not very impressed as to the very 'tinny' sound that they offered. Let us know if your replacement as a better quality inbuilt speaker system.Thanks.

  caast©? 23:01 06 Sep 2004

Most of the manufacturers state that the speakers are not for anything more than web browsing etc, and not upto traditional speaker set ups.

Djohn sorry for interupting your thread, but I am a little anxious

Have you read my post it is the AOC LM727.£10.90
I got a e-mail back confirming the transaction, although it does state no money deducted until order shipped.

  Djohn 23:06 06 Sep 2004

The present one I have has the speakers and they are really only suitable for system sounds as are most TFT built-in speakers. I expect the new one will be the same but I don't use them as I have 5.1 surround for movies and games and even for system sounds. Sad, I know. :o(

  Djohn 23:07 06 Sep 2004

No, I missed that one, off for a look now. ;o)

  Djohn 10:01 07 Sep 2004

Absolutely spot on. Not only is it the new model as promised and shown in my link above but it's not even a swap-out but a brand new model!

I was thrilled with my previous one but this display is really outstanding with a display that is superb. Height adjustment of the panel and swivel mode for portrait/landscape view. One very happy customer and an AOC fan for life. :o)

PS: If ever you have a problem with yours FE. [Most unlikely] I'm sure you'll receive the exact same service.

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