want a new gaming pc,...

  AL47 21:18 04 Jan 2010

Intel Core i7 '920'
2.66GHz Bloomfield
Intel i7 920 Bloomfield
4.8GT/s | 8MB cache

ATI Radeon® HD 5850 1GB DDR5
6GB RAM DDR3 1600MHz (3x 2GB)
Mainboard ASUS 1366 P6T X58
1000GB SATA-2 HDD 7200rpm
20x DualLayer DVD±RW Lightscribe
8 Channel High-Definition Audio
Cardreader | Gigabit Ethernet LAN
750 Watt Power | Intel® Box Cooler
Ankermann 704 Data Display Case

for 850 [no monitor just tower]

and i can safely over clock the cpu on the 920 to 3.8GHz


  IClaudio 23:41 04 Jan 2010

Good, but expensive, and you don't need all that kit to play even the most demanding games...

  Devil Fish 00:32 05 Jan 2010

nice set up if you have the cash to do it

if you go with it

looking to to overclock make sure the processor is 920 DO stepping looking 3.8Ghz that will involve voltage tweeks you should get 3.5/6 off the bat though

and if you are going to push that far aftermarket cooling would be a good buy fans around £30 or watercooling but thats going to add another £100 at least to the bill

graphics not sure about im an Nvidia man myself but im sure some one else will be able to advise in that dept

  Devil Fish 00:35 05 Jan 2010

sorry should add if you are going to overclock make sure you dont skimp on the ram look at kingston or ocz but read up on it first and make sure your in the know theirs a lot of choice but loads below standard for overclocking

  AL47 07:30 05 Jan 2010

it probably wont come with kingston/OCZ ram [i have had a little read] but i probably wont overclock at the start, but will def want too, kingston was used on one site i used, and ive seen ocz used else where too

i know its expensive, but i know it will last, and its a good motherboard [ive been doing some reading]

  AL47 08:03 05 Jan 2010

ati are destroying nvidia atm for card [only found that out yesterday!]

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